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Above the Zodiac: Astrology in Jewish Thought

By Matityahu Glazerson

Above the Zodiac: Astrology in Jewish Thought uncovers the profound connection among Jewish mysticism and vintage astrology through mentioning the various references scattered all through Jewish literature to the effect of the celebs on human future. Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson provides a month-by-month rendering of Jewish astrology based on kabbalah, summarizing the complicated procedure of parts in Jewish concept that correlates to every astrological signal. The e-book additionally explains the original dating the Jewish humans need to astrology, and lower than what situations astrological consultations are authorized to participants.

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The end result of the provider of Iyar, the month of ziv (brightness), happens through the month of Sivan. The phrases are phonetically relating to one another, for they own the Yod, Vav in universal: Sivan, ziv, and either the Samech (of Sivan) and the Zayin (of ziv) percentage of their being letters shaped by means of the mix of tongue and tooth. The Nun of Sivan, containing the numerical worth of fifty, symbolizes the facility of purity. hence, the ability of brightness of Iyar involves fullness in the course of the month of Sivan at the competition of Shavuot, which happens fifty days after Passover.

In response to Nachmanides, Tevet's sign-the goat-is linked to evil. The heavenly physique that affects Capricorn is Shabtai (Saturn). It etymologically symbolizes hassle and inactiveness (hashbatah) and, therefore, back leaves room for the harmful task of the evil impact. In its confident point, Saturn symbolizes the ability of deep realizing and contemplation linked to the Sabbath-i. e. , the refraining from mundane job to be able to adventure the transcendental. The adverse expression of this signal is evidenced by way of its being a festive celebration for Christians whilst, during historical past, a lot blameless Jewish blood used to be shed.

Among Passover, which happens in the course of Nissan, and Shavuot, which happens in the course of Sivan, is the month of Iyar, which features because the hyperlink among the 2. this can be additionally symbolized by way of the letter Vav, which in Hebrew has the morphological caliber of linking. (The Vav, used as a prefix, ability "and. ") The letter Vav, which has the shape of a immediately line (shorter than the Nun), and has the numerical price of 6, symbolizes the neck, which incorporates six associated bones. Astrology tells us that the neck is the a part of the physique resembling the signal of Taurus.

27 ABOVE THE ZODIAC For the month of Sivan, this image denotes the giving of the Torah, the weapon opposed to one's evil inclination, and the resource of religious sustenance. at the fabric airplane, we become aware of that Sivan is the month while (in Israel) wheat is harvested. the connection among Torah, weaponry, and foodstuff is expressed within the passage (Proverbs, ch. 25, v. 21), "If your enemy be hungry, feed him bread. " Our sages say that bread might be understood right here as a logo for the knowledge of the Torah, or non secular sustenance; the Hebrew be aware for bread, lechem, is etymologically concerning the be aware for struggle, milchama.

The Shem MiShmuel states that the method of individualization linked to the month oflyar is associated with the counting of the Orner, such a lot of which happens in the course of that month. taking a look at our background, it's been famous that the demise of the scholars of Rabbi Akiva, which happened through the Omer-counting interval, eight NISSAN-ARIES (LAMB) used to be caused through the overemphasis of the person instead of the collective, which ended in the forget of the features of management and belief. through the month of Nissan, the Jewish humans expressed themselves jointly by means of assuming the character of sheep following a shepherd.

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