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Atlas of Human Anatomy Volume 1: Head, Neck, Upper Limb (Atlas of Human Anatomy (Sobotta))

This is often the hot 14th variation of the vintage atlas in English with Latin labels. The SOBOTTA Atlas covers the full macroscopic anatomy in complete element and equaled caliber with virtually 2000 figures. The Atlas' association by means of physique sector corresponds to how you research on your dissection labs. uncomplicated new introductory schemes and common overviews assist you to appreciate the extra complicated figures and connections - step through step.

  • Especially handy
    The quantity 1 is observed by way of a compact brochure with tables on muscle mass, joints, and nerves.
    Reference to the matching tables within the separate desk Booklet
    Vice versa, references are given from the tables to the matching figures
    Cross references to additional matching figures within the Atlas
  • Perfect orientation - the recent navigation system
    Navigation process: The menu shows, the place you definitely are
    Chapters are specific in colour
    "Compass card": hyperlink to figures of adjoining regions
    This manner you quick find the sought constitution: arteries, veins and nerves are distinguishable by way of diversified colours

    To facilitate the appliance of anatomical wisdom to scientific perform, the recent SOBOTTA comes with much more scientific figures, together with new imaging thoughts (IX-ray, MRT, CT etc.), endoscopic photos, intraoperative color photos of internal organs, images from sufferers with universal paralyses and extra - designed to be compatible for any kind of curriculum.

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1037,1085,1125a, b) m. A i european, f t . , W i c ok eL, . :A t t a sd e rR i five n t g e n a n a t o three 19o8r5e U r b a n& S c h w a r z e n b eM r qi i,n c h e n - W i e n - B a L t i m l F i q . nine 4a3) > Generat anatomy floor I Locomotorsystem... 1 Sagitlal airplane 2 Median sagittal airplane three Frontal aircraft five Sagittalaxis 6 I ransverseaxls axis 7 Longitudinal Transverse aircraft F i g . I a - c P [ a n e sa n d a x e s . a S a g i t t ap t t a n e ,P [ a n u ms a g i t t a [ es, a g i t t a I a n d[ o n g i t u d i n aaIx e s b Transverseptane[= horizontaIptane),Ptanumtransversate,transverseand sagittalaxes , t a n u mf r o n t a l e L, o n g i t u d i n a n t d t r a n s v e r s ea x e s c F r o n t a lp L a n e[ = c o r o n a Ip t a n e ] P Linea mediana anterior Lineamedianaoosterior Linea oaravertebralis cranialis (= more advantageous) Lineasternalis Lineascapularis Lineaparasternalis lateralis Lineaaxillaris anterior Lineaaxillarisposteriot Lineamedioclavicularis radialis ulnaris palmaris dorsalis msdialis proximalis caudalis (= inferior) fibularis tibialis plantaris F i g .

I L Z - 1 five three A u r i c u [ a rm u s c t e s M , u s c u [ ai u r i c u t a r e s 381 S e c t i o ntsh r o u g h e a da n dn e c okay . . . . 15 four - 15 five E x t e r n a aI c o u s t i cm e a t u s ,M e a t u sa c u s t i c u se x t e r n u s , a n d t y m p a n i cm e m b r a n e M , e m b r a n at y m p a n i c a. . . 382 A u d i t o r yo s s i c [ e s0, s s i c u t aa u d i t o r i a 383-384 Uppertimb.. . . . . . 1 five 7 - Z S 7Tympaniccavity,Cavitastympani 385-387 A u d i t o r yt u b e ,T u b aa u d i t i v a 388-389 jS7 S u r f a c ea n a t o m y I n t e r n a Ie a r ,A u r i s i n t e r n a 390-393 Bones,joints,tigaments ....

182 Hyoidbone,0s hyoideum. Proc. styloideus M mylohyoideus M. digastricus,Venterposterior M geniohyoideus M digastricus,Venteranterior Os hyoideum M thyrohyoideus M. omohyoideus, Ventersuperior M. sternohyoideus M sternothyroideus M omohyoideus, Venterinterior F i g . 1 eight three M u s c u t a rs u s p e n s i o n o f t h e h y o i db o n e > Head Mouth/0ratcavitl Suprahyoid muscular tissues Protuberantia mentalis Alveolusdentalis m o l a r ilsl l (Densextractus) Foramen mentale (Raphe mylohyoidea) Tuberculum mentale venteranterior; M dioastricus { lventerposterior Lig stylohyoideum M stylohyoideus (Ansatendinis) l\4 digastricus, Tendointermedius l\4 digastricus, Corpus Os hyoideum, Os hyoideum, Cornumajus duscles, F i g .

Triceps brachii,Caput mediale M. brachialis Septum intermusculare brachii mediale Epicondylus medialis M. brachialis,Tendo Fasciaantebrachii M brachioradialis M. extensorcarpiradialislongus Aponeurosis musculibicipitis brachii M bicepsbrachii,Tendo M. biceps brachii F i g . three five zero M u s c l e so f t h e a r m ; ftexoraspect,deep layer. To p o g r a p h y Forearm Hand Musclesof the arm M deltoideus l\4 infraspinatus Bursa subdeltoidea tricepsbrachii, Caputlongum M teresminor Collumchirurgicum [/ teresminor M bicepsbrachii,Caputlongum, Tendo lvl pectoralismajor,Tendo l\4 teresmajor lvl deltoideus Sulcus nerui radialis M triceps brachii,Caput laterale M biceps brachii l\4 triceps brachii,Caput mediale l\4 brachialis Septum intermuscularebrachii laterale M brachioradialis l\4 triceps brachii,Tendo M extensor carpiradialislongus Olecranon l\il anconeus M extensor carpiradialisbrevis Fascia antebrachii l\4 extensordigitorum F i g .

L i n n ,N e u r o r a d i o L o gI n y ,s t i t u t ef o r y ,n i v e r s i t o y f M u n i c hl F i g . 6 6 2 , 7 2 6a , b , l F i ninety one . 2 eight 9a - c l D i a g n o s t iR c a d i o l . o gU P r o fS . c h e u m a nC n [, i n i cf o rA b d o m i n a tn dT r a n s p [ a n t a t i o n 7 2 7a , b l S u r g e r yH, a n n o v eMr e d i c aSt c h o o(tF i g 2. four three , 2 four four , 2 four five 1 P r o f . D a n i e t D , e p a r t m e no longer f C a r d i o t o g yU, n i v e r s i t o yf Ertangen o tf G y n a e c o [ oU g yn,i v e r s iot yf P r o fS .

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