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Billy Bunter's First Case (Billy Bunter, Book 13)

By Frank Richards

One other Billy Bunter experience at Greyfriars tuition

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Good, we are able to discover who it used to be. Let's ask the guys within the games-study whether or not they observed anyone prowling approximately the following this afternoon. " "He may enable fellows see him, after all! " acknowledged Potter, ironically. "This cannot be stored darkish, Coker! Take my tip and visit Prout immediately. " "When i need recommendation, George Potter, i will ask for it! Pack it up until then," snorted Coker. "You foolish, cheeky, asinine, fatheaded, blithering, dithering, dunderheaded, foozling, howling, yammering—. " Slam! doubtless Potter had meant to finish up that checklist of adjectives with a noun.

Persist with your chief! " And Bob bring to a halt at a fast run down the trail in the direction of the bending senior. expense, bent double, his eyes mounted at the flooring, used to be now not ready for what occurred subsequent. arms have been dropped on his again, and Bob Cherry, with flying legs, flew over him, and landed at the different part. "Oh! " gasped expense. He pitched ahead, and fell. If the opposite individuals of the Co. have been disposed to "follow their leader", there has been not anything doing: fee of the 5th used to be sprawling along with his face buried within the grass.

There has been a moment's pause, after which 4 heads nodded assent. That scheme, as defined through Lord Mauleverer, definitely was once plausible. Prout might get his Georgic, and he will be chuffed: Coker may get away the lousy outcomes of no longer having written that Georgic. definitely there will be a place of hassle for the juniors if it got here out: for schoolmasters veritably didn't see eye to eye with schoolboys in such issues; nonetheless, fellows usually did support each other with strains. the complete factor was once simply performed, on the fee of part a dozen fellows sticking in Coker's research, rather than going out on a spin; for which, maybe, having acted like strong Samaritans, rather than passing via at the different facet like the Pharisee, will be a comfort!

Yet he was once there—standing inside a backyard of the banknotes jammed down among the cushion and the wall. He attempted to drag himself jointly, as he learn the shock, now not unmixed with suspicion, within the crowd of faces watching him. What expense was once scared of, the juniors didn't understand: yet they can now not fail to spot that he have been extraordinarily startled and scared through their surprising front. "What—what do you fags wish the following? " muttered rate, huskily. He attempted to talk clearly, yet with out a lot luck. "What are you butting right into a Fifth—form examine for?

I got here jolly close to knocking him throughout his research. " "Oh! " gasped Potter and Greene, jointly. "But i did not! " additional Coker. Potter and Greene can have guessed that one! "He jawed me," went on Coker. "Making out that i used to be headstrong and obstinate and undisciplined—that type of factor! Me, you recognize! If there is something i am robust on, its self-discipline. glance how I maintain the fags in order! yet that is Prout! " "It will put on off in time, outdated chap," acknowledged Potter, comfortingly. "I don't want you to inform me that, George Potter.

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