Classic American Furniture (Art of Woodworking)

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Thoroughly to trendy ofthe base(page128)and Thedesignandconstruction clerksin bygonedaysto taketheirofficesand theunit enabled however the informationwith themwhentraveling. Youcanadaptthe crownmolding(page134)mayappearcomplicated, awarded and strategies arenotdifficultto grasp pigeonhole designshownon page108,addingor removal time-tested woodmovetheinevitable extra areimportantto accommodate theirspacing, or incorporating cubicles, adjusting mentatthesewlnerablelocations. to slot yourneeds. drawers Madefrom mahoganywith a clearlacquerfinish, the shownat left marrieselegance QueenAnnesecretary a slant-topdeskwith a bookusefulness, crowning with pieceoffurniture.

H e j o i r t ss h o u l db e s n u g e n o u g tho m a ok ec l a m p i n ug n n e c e s s a r y . T I I I I I t I I I t I I t Q U E E NA N N ES E C R E T A R Y t t fr\l I n s t a l l i nt sh eb a c kn a n e l r - , / O n c et h e g l u eh a sc u r e d . r e m o v e the I T b e t sa r o u n di t s p e r i m e t edr ,r i v i n ga f i n i s h i n g n a i le v e r y6 i n c h e sF. o re x t r ar i g i di t y , a l s on a i lr h en a n etl o t h e d u s tf r a m e sa n d I I ^t--^L ldlllp) -^,.

Thismeantthattherearlegshadto be andstretchers extension (page a drawknife withthespindles-using seating andwereattached to the beshaped-along bentto providecomfortable (page joinery. horse 7B). Theseatcanbe 76)andashop-built shaving advanced seatframewith fairly (page84),thenshaved andadzed to itsfinThelegsof a Windsorchairarenotbent. as an alternative, theback cutwithabowsaw ishedshape. anchored individually to andlegassemblies areindependent, Thesack-back Windsorchairshownat left wasfinishedwith milk paint, a traditionalfinishfor AmericanCountryfurniture.

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