Cousin Bazilio: A Domestic Episode (Dedalus European Classics)

By Eca de Queiroz

A story of bourgeois sexual folly and hypocrisy in nineteenth-century Lisbon. Eca describes a gallery of brilliant characters:
* Bazilio the clever villain
* Jorge the boastful, uxorious husband
* Luiza the bored, foolish spouse
* Juliana, the apparent, determined maid
* Leopoldina, 'the Ever-Open Door'
* the voluminous Dona Felicidade, and lots of extra.
The booklet aroused a scandal for its frank descriptions of intercourse and wish. What nonetheless grips the reader is the author's acute portrayal of the restrictions imposed on males and, specially, ladies.

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That very beautiful younger guy‚ Pedro Câmara! And Mendonça‚ the martyr to his corns! Tutti quanti! Then shrugging his shoulders‚ he acknowledged angrily: ‘As if I wouldn’t have recognized she were right here besides! The scent is sufficient to supply her away. That lousy affordable cologne! i do know you have been stated jointly‚ and so forth. and so forth. ‚ yet‚ I’m sorry‚ if I meet her at the stairs‚ I’ll ship her packing! I suggest it! ’ He stopped for a second and acknowledged tenderly: ‘Tell me‚ Luiza‚ I’m correct‚ aren’t I? ’ Luiza‚ her recommendations stressed‚ used to be taking a look within the replicate‚ placing on her jewelry.

How beautiful! ’ Luiza murmured‚ a glance of enjoyment on her face. ‘Gorgeous‚’ agreed Dona Felicidade‚ rolling her eyes. Luiza came across yes soft excessive notes at the piccolo quite mesmerizing; and every little thing – her domestic‚ Juliana and her vile behaviour – looked as if it would recede into the depths of a long-forgotten evening. even if‚ the jovial satan got here threading his means in the course of the quite a few teams‚ after which‚ with sweeping‚ rapacious gestures‚ he embarked on the aria‚ ‘The Golden Calf’. His forthright voice coolly affirmed the ability of cash; the song was once filled with the intense‚ tinkling sounds of somebody frenziedly sifting via treasures; and the excessive‚ ultimate notes have been as brief and sharp as victorious hammerblows minting the divine gold!

Screamed Juliana. Luiza known as Joana over. ‘Don’t go searching for one more task simply but‚ yet come again right here the day after tomorrow‚’ she stated quietly. Upstairs‚ Juliana used to be stridently‚ joyfully making a song ‘O loved letter’. presently afterwards‚ she got here downstairs to announce tartly that ‘dinner was once at the table’. Luiza didn't reply. She waited till Juliana had long past again as much as the kitchen‚ then bumped into the eating room from the place she fetched a few bread‚ jam and a knife which she took into her room‚ and there she ‘dined’‚ on one nook of a small desk.

I like you! What additional facts do you want than that I abandon all my pursuits‚ my friendships‚ my pleasures and bury myself the following in Lisbon. ’ She grew agitated‚ no longer figuring out what she should still do or what she may still wish. It was once actual. Why else was once he in Lisbon? due to her. yet she acknowledged now that she didn't love him‚ or simply very a bit of! And it used to be bad to betray Jorge‚ who used to be so solid‚ so loving and who lived so completely for her. but when Bazilio fairly was once so a great deal in love along with her … Her principles whirled approximately like autumn leaves‚ buffeted this fashion and that via contradictory winds.

She threw the strolling stick down and left the room. Castro‚ pink with fury‚ had snatched up his hat. solving Leopoldina with a poor glance‚ he stated: ‘Thank you loads! If ever you would like something back‚ do‚ please‚ be sure you ask! ’ ‘But what occurred? ’ ‘Goodbye! ’ roared Castro. And selecting up his jogging stick‚ which he brandished threateningly towards the room into which Luiza had vanished‚ he muttered bitterly: ‘Lunatic! ’ And with that‚ he left‚ slamming all of the doorways. nonetheless burdened‚ Leopoldina went into her bed room to discover Luiza placing on her hat‚ her fingers nonetheless trembling‚ a happy gleam in her eyes.

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