Drowned Hopes (Dortmunder, Book 7)

By Donald E. Westlake

An previous cellmate asks Dortmunder for aid robbing a reservoir In his day, Tom used to be a troublesome guy. He got here up with Dillinger within the Nineteen Thirties, and pulled loads of high-profile jobs sooner than the country positioned him away. They intended it to be for sturdy, yet after twenty-three years the prisons are too crowded for seventy-year-old financial institution robbers, and they permit the previous guy move. eventually loose, he heads directly for John Dortmunder's apartment. in the past, Tom buried $700,000, and now he wishes support digging it up. whereas he was once inside of, the govt dammed a close-by river, making a reservoir and placing fifty toes of water on most sensible of his cash. He desires to blow the dam, drown the villagers, and stream to Acapulco. If Dortmunder desires a fresh moral sense to head with his percentage, he must discover a great solution to get the money ahead of Tom's nasty instincts get the easiest of either one of them.

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Al,” he stated. “I desire you aren’t going to inform me what i will be able to do and what I can’t do. ” “It isn’t that, Tom,” Dortmunder stated, even though in reality it was once that, and knowing it, Dortmunder additionally learned how hopeless this all was once. “It’s just,” he acknowledged, despairing while he heard himself say it, “it’s simply you can’t do this, that’s all. ” “I can,” Tom acknowledged, less warm than ever. “And i'm going to. ” That bony finger pointed at Dortmunder’s nostril. “And you're not gonna queer the deal for me, Al. you're not gonna name anyone and say, ‘Don’t sleep at domestic this night in the event you wanna remain dry.

Thrice and out. This final time were the nearest shave but. The goddamn rubber boat without notice shrinking and deflating and sinking underneath him, and him sitting there no longer understanding what to do, the goddamn little 10hp motor clutched in his fingers, resting on his lap. It wasn’t until the boat had lowered itself to a two-dimensional grey rubber rag, dumping him into the reservoir, and he’d chanced on himself heading immediately for the ground, that he eventually obtained his wits approximately him adequate to enable cross of the motor and allow it continue into eternity with no him.

He left, and Dortmunder all started attaching all of the locks to front door. Then he stopped and checked out his fingers, and checked out the locks, and whispered, “I don’t understand why I’m doing this. ” 8 You roll apart the 2 big boulders and the tree trunk. you discover the doorway to a cave, lined by means of a hairy disguise curtain. You thrust this apart and spot ahead of you the lair of the Thousand-Toothed Ogre. Wally Knurr wiped sweat from his forehead. cautious, now; this may be a seize. fats hands annoying over the keyboard, he spat out: Describe this lair.

As they began to strip off their road outfits within the cold evening air, Tiny frowned away to the left, asserting, “Dam’s down there someplace, isn’t it? ” Tom, pointing, stated, “You could make out the curve of it correct there. See? ” Tiny stated, “Nobody inside of there can glance down this manner? ” “Naw. ” Tom waved either bony fingers, disregarding that challenge. “The home windows all face down the valley. Don’t fear, Tiny, we’re on their lonesome right here. ” close by, Dortmunder and Kelp, turning into their rainy matches, heard that comment and checked out one another.

That’s correct. And that’s what I’m doing correct this minute, John, and to inform you the reality I’d wish to get on with it. ” “Okay,” Dortmunder acknowledged. “If you’re busy—” “I’m no longer busy ceaselessly, John,” Kelp stated, forgetting to whisper. “You acquired whatever? You gonna meet with the fellows on the OJ? ” He was once remembering to whisper back now. “No,” Dortmunder stated. “Not but, besides. no longer till I determine the article out. ” “There’s difficulties? ” In his eagerness, Kelp’s whisper went up into the treble levels, changing into very sibilant.

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