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Gods of Love and Ecstasy: The Traditions of Shiva and Dionysus

Shiva and Dionysus are the Hindu and Greek gods of magical energy, intoxication, ecstatic sexuality, and transcendence who begin us into communion with the artistic forces of lifestyles. Revealing the earliest resources of the traditions of Shiva and Dionysus, Alain Danielou reconstructs the material of our historical dating with construction, vividly touching on practices that have been saw from the Indus Valley to the coasts of Portugal no less than six thousand years ago. 

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The dignity proven to the Asklepios cult . . . , with its . . . miracle treatments and actual clinical lore, . . . [was so nice] that during the past due pagan interval, this god used to be seemed upon because the leader opponent of Christ. ” (R. F. Willetts, Cretan Cults and fairs, p. 224). we will deal later with the snake-goddess cult. The caduceus of Mercury, entwined with snakes, is the emblem of contemporary clinical prone. The sovereign of the instructions of area Shiva is the sovereign of the universe. His numerous features are attached with the gods who reign over the instructions of area, to whom a massive symbolism is attributed, in addition to a right away impact on existence.

Enlightenment... The Kûlârnava Tantra is going so far as to assert that best union can in basic terms be attained via sexual union. ” (J. Evola, Le Yoga tantrique, pp. 191–192. ) In Tantric rituals, the sexual organ of a really younger lady is commemorated. in line with the Mahâmudrâtilaka, “Young ladies of over twenty don't have any occult power”. so as to adventure inside enlightenment via ceremonial sexual union with a tender lady personifying Shakti, the divine love-game has to be imitated within which the union doesn't climax in a seminal emission.

He's decreased to the rôle of a advisor, accompanying the tribe in the course of its migrations, and giving own directions to its leader. he's purely drawn to guy and, between mankind, simply within the crew of the “chosen”. He turns into a simple excuse for conquests and genocide, and for the destruction of the average order, as could be noticeable all through background. first of all, he doesn't exclude the gods of alternative tribes, or “false” gods, yet this can be basically to be able to oppose and wreck them and to impose his personal domination and that of his “chosen people”.

Because of the god’s safeguard, their wants got here real. They loved each type of excitement. those Asuras, who have been votaries of the cult of the phallus, took good thing about the fun of existence and afterwards have been rewarded with paradise. ” (Shiva Purâna, Rudra Samhitâ , V, chap. 1, 55–78, and chap. three, forty four. ) After a variety of battles within which the gods have been shamefully defeated, they bought Shiva’s cooperation in destroying the 3 marvellous and corrupt towns. Shiva needed to damage them with a unmarried arrow, at that second after they have been aligned.

Humped bulls and different Shivaite trademarks from the Chalcolithic interval have been discovered via Sir A. Stein in Gedrosia (Quetta quarter, in current– day Pakistan). moreover, photos of an ithypallic Shiva, status at the horns of a bull, have been present in the Kazbek treasure, from the Caucasus mountains. He holds a double awl, the logo of the labyrinth. “To the Canaanites of Ugarit, [the most vital deities have been] Bull-El . . . and Baal. This god will be pointed out with the Phoenician Hadad, the Syrian– Hittite Teshub and the Egyptian Seth .

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