In Pursuit of Valis: Selections from the Exegesis

By Philip K. Dick, Lawrence Sutin

The pre-"Exegesis of Philip okay. Dick".
For people who find themselves curious, want to see replacement perspectives of PKD's "Exegesis", or those who don't desire to delve into the long "Exegesis..." itself.

Excerpts from the overdue technological know-how fiction writer's own magazine contain autobiographical fabric in addition to discussions of mystical stories, philosophical hypothesis, reviews on his fictional works, and plot outlines.

Preface: at the Exegesis Of Philip ok. Dick by means of Lawrence Sutin
Introduction: Wrestling with Angels: the paranormal Dillema of Philip K.Dick via Jay Kinney
A PKD Chronology
One: Direct money owed of non-public Experience
Two: Theoretical Explanations
Three: On His Writing suggestions and the artistic Quest jor Truth
Four: Interpretations of His personal Works
Five: Plot Outlines and Explorations for Works-in-Progress
Six: Political and Ecological Concerns
Seven: Self-Examinations
Eight: 3 ultimate Parables
Afterword: I comprehend Philip okay. Dick by way of Terence McKenna
List Of PKD Works pointed out (With Dates Of First Publication)

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I really needed to strengthen a love of the disordered & perplexing, viewing fact as an enormous riddle to be joyfully tackled, now not in worry yet with tireless fascination. What has been so much wanted is truth checking out, & a willingness to stand the potential for self-negating stories: i. e. , genuine contradictions, with anything being either precise & no longer actual. The enigma is alive, conscious of us, & altering. it really is in part created by means of our personal ininds: we change it by way of perceiving it, for the reason that we're not open air it. As our perspectives shift, it shifts in a feeling it isn't there in any respect (acosmism).

The success—of many years of statement & research & theorizing. i've got needed to take care of deluding, irreal, conflicting, chaotic & Fremd [strange, discomforting] fabric, &just undeniable hung in there conceptually, taking the view that a few clarification needs to exist, even though it must be radical & far-reaching. i really needed to boost a love of the disordered & difficult, viewing fact as an enormous riddle to be joyfully tackled, no longer in worry yet with tireless fascination. What has been such a lot wanted is fact trying out, & a willingness to stand the potential of self-negating reviews: i.

See Orthogonal Time. Crypte morphosis (Greek): Latent form or shape. In 1974, PKD came across himself pondering in Greek words (including this one) in the course of a hypnagogic nation. He later comparable the concept that of latent form to Fragment fifty one (the Bow and the Lyre) of Heraclitus. Dokos (Greek): Deception, loss of actual notion. PKD hired this time period as a Greek cognate for the Sanskrit maya. Eidos (Greek): final shape or concept. A basic time period in Platonic Philosophy, during which the belief of the great is the unifying precept of the realm of principles, which in flip is the resource of all being.

How can A = A? there is not any such class of suggestion; actually, it can't be suggestion; it may be well-known approximately fact, despite the fact that, as I did in 3-20-74). A = Ā isn't really an announcement approximately good judgment, yet an statement approximately truth; it really is pragmatic. however it unearths that pondering can't act as an internal analog to the outer international; for the brain to reflect global effectively it needs to stop to imagine, i. e. , to be & do what as a substitute? the whole organism acts with no-thought. It turns into a nonthinking reaction laptop (in the great sense).

And it's the trademarks that does the telling. the secret's within the I Ching, which Phil enjoyed and used yet which occupies a disappointingly small fraction of his ruminations within the Exegesis. [244] nearly as though the counter circulate, the occluding intelligence, stored Phil’s eyes diverted from the major point essential to the common decipherment that he used to be making an attempt. Time is a fractal, or has a fractal constitution. All occasions, moments, months and millennia, have a development; an identical trend. This trend is the constitution in which, upon which, occasions “undergo the formality of really occurring,” as Whitehead used to claim.

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