Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches

By Don Jones, Jeffery Hicks


Learn home windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches, moment Edition is an leading edge educational designed for directors. simply put aside one hour a day—lunchtime will be perfect—for a month, and you will be automating home windows initiatives speedier than you ever inspiration attainable. you will commence with the basics—what is PowerShell and what are you able to do with it. Then, you are going to stream systematically throughout the suggestions and contours you will use to make your task more uncomplicated and your day shorter.

buy of the print ebook comes with a suggestion of a unfastened PDF, ePub, and Kindle book from Manning. additionally to be had is all code from the booklet.

About the Technology

PowerShell is either a language and an administrative shell with that you may keep watch over and automate approximately each point of home windows. It accepts and executes instructions instantly, and you'll write scripts to regulate so much home windows servers like trade, IIS, and SharePoint.

About the Book

This ebook is an educational designed for busy directors. simply put aside one hour an afternoon for a month and you may study all of the useful recommendations you must make your task more uncomplicated and your day shorter. this positively revised booklet covers new PowerShell beneficial properties that run on home windows 7, home windows Server 2008 R2, and later. This variation is acceptable for PowerShell model three and later.

Experience with home windows management is beneficial. No programming adventure is thought.

What's Inside

  • Learn PowerShell from the beginning—no event required!
  • Covers PowerShell three and later working on home windows 7, home windows Server 2008R2, and later
  • Each lesson may still take you one hour or less

About the Authors

Powershell MVPs Don Jones and Jeffery Hicks convey years as profitable running shoes to this concise, easy-to-follow e-book. Don blogs at PowerShell.com and you may locate Jeff at jdhitsolutions.com/blog.

Table of Contents

  1. Before you begin
  2. Meet PowerShell
  3. Using the assistance system
  4. Running commands
  5. Working with providers
  6. The pipeline: connecting commands
  7. Adding commands
  8. Objects: facts through one other name
  9. The pipeline, deeper
  10. Formatting—and why it is performed at the right
  11. Filtering and comparisons
  12. A functional interlude
  13. Remote regulate: one to 1, and one to many
  14. Using home windows administration Instrumentation
  15. Multitasking with heritage jobs
  16. Working with many gadgets, one at a time
  17. Security alert!
  18. Variables: a spot to shop your stuff
  19. Input and output
  20. Sessions: handheld remote control with much less work
  21. You name this scripting?
  22. Improving your parameterized script
  23. Advanced remoting configuration
  24. Using common expressions to parse textual content files
  25. Additional random information, tips, and techniques
  26. Using anyone else's script
  27. Never the end
  28. PowerShell cheat sheet

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Wowebook. com> xxii approximately THIS publication on typing. PowerShell enables very lengthy strains, however the pages of this booklet can in simple terms carry quite a bit. occasionally, you’ll additionally see that code font in the textual content itself, equivalent to whilst I write Get-Command. That simply permits you to comprehend that you’re taking a look at a command, parameter, or different aspect that you'd really kind in the shell. Fourth is a tough subject that I’ll elevate back in numerous chapters: the backtick personality (`). Here’s an instance: Invoke-Command –scriptblock { Dir } ` -computerName SERVER-R2,localhost the nature on the finish of the 1st line isn’t a stray little bit of ink—it’s a true personality that you'd style.

I'll then return and tweak it a piece, if i needed, and never pipe every thing to New-ADUser till i used to be happy with the consequences. 7. 7 Extracting the worth from a unmarried estate prior during this bankruptcy, I confirmed you an instance of utilizing parentheses to execute GetContent, feeding its output to the parameter of one other cmdlet: Get-Service -computerName (Get-Content names. txt) instead of getting your machine names from a static textual content dossier, you may good are looking to question them from lively listing.

Not anything in PowerShell is designed or meant to guard an already-compromised approach. 14. three Execution coverage and code signing the 1st safety degree PowerShell contains is an execution coverage. it is a machinewide environment that governs the scripts that PowerShell will execute. As I acknowledged earlier than, the purpose of this environment is to aid hinder clients from being tricked into working a script. The default atmosphere, actually, is particular, which prevents scripts from being achieved in any respect. That’s correct: by way of default, PowerShell can be utilized to interactively run instructions, however it can’t be used to run scripts.

I assume you'll say String is an item, yet it’s a miles simpler item than anything like a approach. PowerShell enables you to shop those easy values in a variable. to take action, specify the variable, and use the equivalent signal operator—the task operator—followed by means of no matter what you must positioned in the variable. Here’s an instance: playstation C:\> $var = "SERVER-R2" try out IT NOW You’ll are looking to keep on with in addition to those examples, for you to mirror the consequences I’ll show. you can use your attempt server’s identify instead of SERVER-R2.

Place? Default price settle for pipeline enter? settle for wildcard characters? fake named fake real those are a few universal different types of enter: ■ ■ ■ String—A sequence of letters and numbers. those can occasionally contain areas, but if they do, the complete string needs to be contained inside of citation marks. for instance, a string price like C:\Windows doesn’t have to be enclosed in fees, yet C:\Program records does, since it has that house within the heart. For now, you should use unmarried or double citation marks interchangeably, yet it’s top to stay with unmarried prices.

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