Naw Much of a Talker

By Pedro Lenz

An award-winning comedian novel approximately fact, lies, and storytelling, with an unforgettably unreliable narrator, translated from its leading edge Swiss vernacular again into the Glaswegian that used to be its unique inspiration

Known in simple terms as "the goalie," the novel's narrator is usually taking the blame. he is simply been published from penal complex, having kept quiet during a drug bust at his neighborhood pub. The goalie is a sucker for an exceptional tale, he lives and breathes them, is without end telling tales to himself and an individual who'll hear. He returns to his fatherland broke, falling in love with Regi, a barmaid. On a visit jointly to Spain, to connect with his shady associates, Regi realizes that this obsession with storytelling has its downsides, the goalie all too able to think the yarns his so-called buddies spin. This novel is an enthralling, hilarious journey in the course of the goalie's anecdotes. Storytelling is his means of fending off difficulties and clash, his crowning fulfillment and tragic flaw. Regi concludes that it's not a girl the goalie wishes, yet an viewers. Pedro Lenz harnesses his substantial powers as a performer and oral storyteller during this strong and unforgettable get together of the rhythms and musicality of the spoken word.

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It’s merely cos wur aw o’er the store an’ hiv the luggage, above aw. Themorra or the day eftir, ye’ll naw even realize this wee hill. That’s the nicest factor aboot tryin tae motivate anyone. test tae motivate an individual an’ ye instantly motivate yirsel whilst. The hoose wisnae as cauld as we feared. It concealed they wee propane radiant warmers in aw the rooms, an’ if ye permit the radiators radiate a section, where heats up speedy. furthermore tae that, the Hector man who appears eftir the hoose concealed performed an ideal joab ae airin where an’ pit oot fresh bed-linen fur us.

They’re guid at that during the Spanish membership: they comprehend while tae ask ye issues an’ whilst it’s greater naw tae. hi there, Paco, inform me, hiv ye visible Uli or Marta in the following at aw? Naw? Hiv they naw dropped in, naw? Naw, it disnae subject. Yir rice is guid, incidentally, relatively guid. Ahv stated it afore an’ ah’ll say it back: yis ur rather guid chefs in the following. He’s like that: Gracias, Quiper. Quiper’s just like the English be aware, evidently, anither observe fur Goalie, it’s whit they are saying in Spain yet. He’s like that: thank you, he’ll go it on tae the chef an’ he tops ma glass up, that giant regular haun ae his that minds me o ma faither dis the pourin.

Wid it naw be more straightforward tae take fewer – higher – luggage? It aw relied on whit ye wur usin them fur, he laughed. Fur him, it made mair feel jist tae shipping his numerous diffrint issues in quite a few diffrint baggage. Ah pit aw his baggage within the boot an’ we drove through Les Verrières, Neuchâtel an’ Berne tae the Fog. Ah wisnae within the temper fur talkin. He didnae appear tae be eether so we jist sat there, sayin nuthin. Ah pit a piece ae Dylan oan. We’d rarely reached the Fog while he wis thankin me an’ sayin ah child drop him aff noo.

Faur because it is going. Naw visible her lately? Ah wis in Spain an’ concealed a loat oan at paintings itherwise. pay attention, mate, ah think a section ill. Is it awright wi you if we commence tae flip again? Naw an issue at aw, Uli. Ah comprehend, eftir aw, yir the area fuckin champion while it comes tae changin the topic. Or thoroughly avoidin wan. Wan mair factor, Uli, an’ it’s vital. Ah nivver wance named a reputation, naw tae the drug squad, naw in court docket, an’ naw any ither position eether. Leak-proof, ah wis. As leak-fuckin-proof as a brand-new oilskin.

An’ then, like ah stated, we went up the steep direction. Dammit, Goalie, Regula went, noo ivry time we’re doon within the village, we’re goney hiv tae climb again up tae move tae mattress. Dont be troubled, Regi. It’s simply the 1st time it’ll look faur an’ steep. It’s merely cos wur aw o’er the store an’ hiv the luggage, above aw. Themorra or the day eftir, ye’ll naw even observe this wee hill. That’s the nicest factor aboot tryin tae motivate a person. try out tae inspire an individual an’ ye instantly motivate yirsel while.

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