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Phenomenology, Science and Geography: Spatiality and the Human Sciences (Cambridge Human Geography)

A piece of exceptional originality and significance, for you to develop into a cornerstone within the philosophy of geography, this publication asks: what's human technological know-how? Is a really human technological know-how of geography attainable? What notions of spatiality accurately describe human spatial event and behavior? It units out to respond to those questions via a dialogue of the character of technology within the human sciences, and, particularly, of the position of phenomenology in such inquiry. It criticises verified knowing of phenomenology in those sciences, and demonstrates how they're integrally with regards to one another. the necessity for a reflective geography to accompany all empirical technological know-how is argued strongly. The dialogue is organised into 4 components: geography and conventional metaphysics; geography and phenomenology; phenomenology and the query of human technology; and human technology, worldhood and position. the writer attracts upon the works, of Husserl, Heidegger, Gadamer and Kockelmans particularly.

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Husserl: Shorter Works, ed. P. McCormick and F. Elliston. Reprinted via permission of college of Notre Dame Press. From watching for the Barbarians through J. M. Coetzee. Copyright © J. M. Coetzee 1980. Reprinted via permission of Penguin Books. M. Billinge, 'In seek of negativism: phenomenology and ancient geography', with permission from magazine of old Geography three (1) 1977. Copyright: educational Press Inc. (London) Ltd. the subsequent extracts are reprinted by way of permission of Harper &c Row, Publishers, Inc.

The clinical projection and thematization of the human international, whereas it truly is likewise an objectifying company, is one the place the horizon, during which items are projected because the items that they're, continues to be their context of concerned predicament. therefore, the area of concerned obstacle can turn into 'object' for a technological know-how with no wasting its personality as concerned (Heidegger, 1927, 361). This means of thematization (objectivation), whereas it doesn't flip the area of guy right into a actual factor, does require that the observer distance himself or herself from the immediacy of the lived global into consideration.

First released 1985 This digitally revealed model 2009 a listing checklist for this booklet is out there from the British Library Library of Congress Catalogue Card quantity: 84-12164 ISBN 978-0-521-26540-9 hardback ISBN 978-0-521-10913-0 paperback Contents Treface Acknowledgements i web page ix xiv creation 1 technological know-how and guy 2 technological know-how and phenomenology three The plan of this paintings four 'Geographical phenomenology' five The disciplinary context i i three four five 7 half I GEOGRAPHY and conventional META-PHYSICS Geographical discourse and its vital issues 15 6 easy strategies of technological know-how and the tactic applicable to ontology 15 7 Objectivism and subjectivism 17 eight Positivism and naturalism 18 8a The a-historical nature of positivism 19 8b The Enlightenment and positivism 21 8c Naturalism and idealism 23 nine Kantian ontology of fabric nature 24 10 Conceptions of actual house and geography 25 10a The emergence of geography as an summary, theoretical technology 28 10b Social physics 31 eleven actual house, cognitive behaviouralism and the flip to subjectivity 32 12 The mode of being attribute of geographical items 35 half II GEOGRAPHY AND PHENOMENOLOGY the translation of phenomenology in geography thirteen The phenomenological foundation of geography forty-one forty-one vi Contents 14 Geographical phenomenology 14a Phenomenology and 'practical' learn 15 techniques to geographical phenomenology 15a the mandatory contrast among humanism and phenomenology 15b Existentialism sixteen The view of technological know-how 16a Phenomenology as feedback 16b Phenomenology as anti-science 16c The foundational position of phenomenology i6d Phenomena of lived event 17 The flip to the lifeworld, and the anomaly of floor and item 18 The phenomenological approach 18a Intentionality four Geographical phenomenology: a critique of its foundations 19 The metaphysics of geographical phenomenology 20 Humanism and the confusion of the 'objective' and the 'subjective' 20a Subjectivity and intentionality 20b Individualism 20c The 'things themselves', 'consciousness' and 'the challenge of the target global' 2od Idealism 21 Geographical phenomenology: its inner critique 21a Phenomenology and standards of validity 22 The flip to Schiitz's constitutive phenomenology and justifying a go back to Husserl forty five forty six forty seven forty eight 50 fifty one fifty two fifty four fifty seven fifty eight fifty nine sixty two sixty four sixty eight sixty eight sixty nine seventy one seventy two seventy three seventy four seventy eight seventy nine eighty one half III PHENOMENOLOGY AND THE query OF HUMAN technological know-how five Husserlian phenomenology: the foundational undertaking 23 what's phenomenology?

Specifically, it principles out Husserlian phenomenology, diverting realization clear of its position as foundational for the sciences, and it exacerbates the objectivism and subjectivism of geographic discourse via its unquestioned entrenchment of those conventional different types. P A R T III Phenomenology and the query of human technology to make sure, medical conversation among optimistic scientists and philosophers can't be tied all the way down to convinced ideas, specifically because the readability, simple task, and originality of opinions by means of scientists of the principles in their personal optimistic sciences switch as usually and are as diversified because the degree reached and maintained through philosophy in clarifying its personal essence.

Phenomenology is the act of improving and mediating that unique geographical adventure. one of these place (if a tenable description of the scenario) has quick effects for the translation of phenomenology. As archaeology its central objective is retrieval. Abstraction and aid are redundant considering that that have (as geographical) exists ahead of the scientist's realization to it. The geographer's job is to explain it (naively within the normal attitude). Phenomenology instantly turns into a really various firm, 44 the translation of phenomenology in geography and we commence to determine why its variation into geography has been complex.

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