The Flood (Halo, Book 2)

By Eric Nylund

The Human-Covenant battle, a determined fight for humankind's very survival, has reached its boiling aspect at the mysterious ring global known as Halo. however the fierce Covenant warriors, the mightiest alien army strength ever identified, will not be the one peril. because the castle international of succeed in and its courageous defenders have been bombarded to rubble, a unmarried cruiser fled the carnage with the battle's merely human survivors - Captain Keyes, his small staff of Marines, and the final SPARTAN super-soldier, the grasp leader. With the cruiser's man made intelligence, Cortana, hid in his conflict armor, the grasp leader crash lands on Halo in the course of an enormous Covenant profession. interestingly, the alien infantrymen seem to be trying to find anything hidden at the ring. outfitted via a long-dead race, Halo harbours many lethal secrets and techniques, yet one overshadows all of them. Now the grasp leader needs to lead the scattered troops in a brutal race to solve Halo's darkest secret - and unharness its maximum resource of strength ...

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The tunnel washuge , lots big enough to address a Scorpion tank, which intended that the grasp leader had little trouble guidance the Warthog during the preliminary commencing. He’d nearly ignored the access, on the backside of a big dry wash. Cortana’s sensors had pointed out the doorway to the tunnel approach. “It’s now not a typical formation,” she’d warned him. That intended anyone equipped it. Logically, it intended that the tunnelled somewhere—and it might probably shave invaluable day off his look for the crashed lifeboats.

The manager grunted in soreness because the tip of the uppermost backbone spiked via his armor’s shoulder joint. He felt a sickly tearing because the meat of his arm parted underneath the scalpel-sharp limb. He spun, and the backbone wrenched loose. The grasp leader felt a emerging feel of frustration as he switched to the attack weapon, subsidized up a ramp, and used his better mobility to circle in the back of the alien. Then he had it, a quick glimpse of unprotected flesh, and the chance he wanted. He positioned a short burst into the warrior’s again, spun away, and rarely escaped a blast from the plasma pistols of the Jackals that had dropped into view and opened fireplace.

Then the invaders dropped, no longer one after the other down the steps because the an infection varieties may have assumed, yet part a dozen without notice, dangling on ropes. They landed inside seconds of one another, knelt with guns on the prepared, and confronted outward. every one Helljumper wore a helmet built with lighting and a digicam. With easy backward and forward hobbies in their heads, the warriors created overlapping scans of the partitions which have been transmitted as much as the grating above, and from there to the mesa. McKay stood at the grating, eyed the uncooked photos on a conveyable computer screen, and observed that 4 huge arches penetrated the fringe of the shaft and would have to be sealed with a purpose to hinder entry to the round stairway.

Over. ” The voice that got here again sounded more and more pissed off. “This is First Lieutenant Rick Hale, serial quantity 876-544-321. supply me a holiday, i would like clearance now . Over. ” Wellsley nodded. “The information suits . . . yet how might Hale recognize that Alpha Base even existed? ” “He can have picked up our radio traffic,” Cho provided. “Maybe,” the AI agreed, “but let’s play it secure. i like to recommend you deliver the bottom to complete alert, notify the most important, and ship the response strength to Pad 3. You’ll desire the crash workforce, the emergency scientific group, and a few humans from Intel all on deck.

Jesus,” he muttered, “this larger be solid. ” The outdated guy had positioned the tech crews on triple shifts after thePillar of Autumn jumped clear of succeed in. The send was once a multitude after the conflict, and what used to be left of the engineering crews labored round the clock to maintain the getting older cruiser in a single piece. approximately one 3rd of the tech employees had died through the flight from succeed in, and each division used to be operating a skeleton staff. everybody else went into the freezer, of course—nonessential group of workers continuously received an ice-nap in the course of a Slipspace leap.

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