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The Miracle of Honey: Practical Tips for Health, Home & Beauty

By Dr. Penny Stanway

Honey is greater than a candy deal with: it is a future health enhancer, a average beauty, and a house beautifier! This compact but information-packed consultant outlines the entire kinds of honey; examines its position as either treatment and a part of a healthy nutrition; and explains easy methods to decide on, use, and shop honey. tips on how to make honey-containing good looks items, payment a dictionary of illnesses that honey may perhaps alleviate, and take a look at scrumptious recipes. a last part seems to be at beekeeping and the very important topic of bee survival.

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Nutrition Chemistry, 2009 persistent metabolic tension (see web page sixty four) can inspire melanoma. Honey’s oligosaccharides reduction the expansion and task of probiotic intestine micro organism, that may support hinder colon melanoma. Honey can reduction wound therapeutic in humans on chemotherapy or radiotherapy; lessen mouth discomfort from head or neck radiotherapy; smash Helicobacter pylori micro organism (which motivate belly cancer); aid hinder an infection and odour in melanoma concerning dermis; and decrease febrile neutropenia (fever, plus a low white-cell count number: a significant facet influence of chemotherapy).

It is because honey is sweeter and extra characterful than sugar, so we use much less. in the course of sleep so much cells burn extra fats than glucose. yet persistent metabolic rigidity (see web page sixty four) reduces night-time fat-burning. It additionally discourages sleep, hence decreasing the ‘sleep’ hormone melatonin that encourages fat-burning. And it encourages blood glucose and blood fat to be laid down as fats round the waist. Honey prior to bedtime is helping hinder metabolic tension, optimizing the burning of fats to supply strength at evening.

Draws water, which flushes out dust; prevents waterlogging of tissue; prompts hydrogen-peroxide unencumber; attracts out pus; permits wet wound therapeutic; and discourages thick scarring (keloid). • includes antimicrobials. • includes anti-inflammatories that lessen swelling. This reduces strain on tiny blood vessels, expanding the blood stream and hence expanding the cells’ oxygen and nutrient provide. • Stimulates skin-cell multiplication and provides new cells strength emigrate around the wound. • Reduces odour inside of 24 hours, due to any closing micro organism feeding on its glucose.

Motion: devour one teaspoon of uncooked honey thrice an afternoon. therapeutic massage honey into the surface over painful muscle groups and joints. Peptic ulcer Methylglyoxal in medical-grade manuka honey kills the Helicobacter pylori micro organism chargeable for such a lot peptic ulcers. Helicobacter pylori is 5–10 occasions extra delicate to manuka than different honey; a five in step with cent answer thoroughly inhibits its progress. magazine of the Royal Society of drugs, 1994 motion: devour teaspoons of manuka or jellybush honey, UMF or ULF 20, to 3 instances day-by-day for numerous weeks.

Alzheimer’s affliction individuals with Alzheimer’s are at risk of oxidation, irritation and excessive degrees of homocysteine, an amino acid. in addition they have low (perhaps in basic terms ninety according to cent of ordinary) degrees of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that aids reminiscence. Honey discourages oxidation, can reduce inflammatory prostaglandins and homocysteine, and comprises small quantities of acetylcholine. excessive blood glucose can inspire Alzheimer’s by means of harmful (‘glycating’) brain-cell proteins. Honey triggers reduce blood-sugar spikes than sugar.

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