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The Serrano Connection (Serrano/Suiza Series)

By Elizabeth Moon

1.  Elizabeth Moon is a New York Times best-selling author.

2.  This voulme combines the 3rd and fourth in her renowned Serrano/Suiza house event series.

3.  ads in Locus, Romantic Times, more

4.  Simultaneous hardcover and exchange paperback editions

5.  Co-op available.

Two Full-Length Novels of house Adventure:


Once a Hero: Esmay Suiza wasn’t a member of a superb army kinfolk just like the Serranos. She’d needed to make her manner on grit by myself, which intended it wasn’t most probably she’d make admiral, yet all she sought after was once to be a part of the Fleet. yet then she ended up a raging area conflict, and used to be the single person who may cease an effective workplace grew to become traitor. She had by no means desired to be a hero, yet destiny had different rules. . . . 


Rules of Engagement: Brun Meager is a tender girl from a wealthy and strong relatives, which had much to do with why Esmay Suiza didn’t get with her, let alone either having an amorous curiosity in Barin Serrano. whilst Brun used to be kidnapped through a repressive non secular defense force move that makes the twenty first century Taliban appear like a host of Unitarians, Esmay was once suspected of getting connived within the catch to dispose of a rival. To transparent herself, it gave the look of Esmay must find and rescue Brun. Time to be a hero back. . . .

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She didn't say even if 8 mins will be sufficient. Esmay informed herself that one minute of oxygen deprivation used to be inside of anyone’s skill. Brun bumped opposed to her, flinging out an arm and leg. What used to be the fool doing – oh. Slowing rotation. Esmay prolonged her legs at the different part. The complicated whirl of backgrounds slowed, as they lay nearly crosswise of one another, forming, with the gurney body, a six-spoked wheel rolling slowly alongside. Then Brun reached up together with her webbing-wrapped arm, and driven up Esmay’s mirrorshield prior to Esmay may perhaps deliver an arm in to prevent her.

Not often aware of what she used to be doing, she reached out and lifted Brun off the bunk, and set her opposed to the wall, as simply as she can have picked up a small baby. ‘You … ’She couldn't say the phrases she was once rather pondering; she struggled to discover anything hurtful sufficient. ‘You playgirl,’ she stated ultimately. ‘You come bouncing in right here, all jam-packed with your genetically engineered brains and wonder, displaying all of it off, fidgeting with us – fidgeting with the folks who're risking their lives to maintain you and your remarkable relatives alive and secure.

She passed over the dice along with her major screens, and rummaged within the carryall. ‘That one’s received the screens that i do know I’ll want – and right here, this can be the description. They’re so as, yet in case a person desires to see a prior demonstrate, those are the numbers I’ll be calling for. Now these—’ she gave him one other 3 cubes, ‘—these have illustrations i would desire if somebody brings up specific issues. I’m afraid you’ll need to use the dice index … I didn’t recognize I’d have any counsel, so there’s no hardcopy directory.

That’s no longer an outstanding idea,’ the medic stated. ‘You weren’t speculated to see her in any respect. We know the way nerve-racking it was—’ Brun underlined the phrases i need to work out HER and shoved the pad again at him. ‘But it was once all a mistake …’ SAVING MY existence was once A MISTAKE? That got here out in a scrawl he needed to fight to learn. ‘No – her being concerned. Your father stated, not at all in case you need to see her, after what she acknowledged approximately you. ’ Her father. Rage boiled up. conscientiously calm, she revealed her message. I DON’T CARE WHAT MY FATHER stated.

Others made that connection. sixteen Altiplano, Estancia Suiza After lunch, Luci Esmay into the Landbride’s quarters with visible cause. Esmay, who’d been hoping for a time by myself to imagine issues over, determined she may have extra peace if she enable Luci speak herself out. ‘So what's it now? ’ she requested, part giggling. ‘Do you've got 5 different schemes for the estancia, or are you making plans to take over the govt? ’ Luci, it appeared, enjoyed a boy – younger guy, really – in a neighboring family.

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