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The Ultimate Jewish Trivia Book: 500 Questions to Test Your Oy Q

By Signe Bergstrom

Imagine you recognize every thing there's to understand approximately being Jewish? Oy vey, permit me inform you, that's loads of "drek" to maintain in one's "Yiddisher kop"! yet why be at midnight? masking info on every thing from spiritual historical past to the style international, the "Ultimate Jewish minutiae ebook "delves into the entire "megillah" . . . after which some.

Yes, there are a ton of Jewish vacation trips and the traditions that flatter them, or even the uber-faithful occasionally get them combined up. "Sukkot"? actual or imaginary? Cholent? one of those pageant, a stew, or both?
Jews were enjoyable the area at huge for hundreds of years. we've best contenders and avid gamers in precisely approximately each media: heayy hitters like Neil Simon, Steven Spielberg, Sarah Silverman, and Zac Efron are all Jewish! are you able to identify a few others?

Jews in activities isn't really as infrequent because it sounds--ever heard of Hank Greenberg and Sandy Koufax?. during this ebook, we've incorporated minutiae on chess, poker, boxing, or even bullfighting. in spite of everything, any game is incomprehensible and not using a little psychological competition...and an offended bull or two.

Plus there also are 1000's of questions on technology, medication, company, and foodstuff, plus a enjoyable online game of Who stated That?: recognized Quotes.

And don't fail to remember, "the "Ultimate Jewish trivialities ebook "" makes an excellent gift and is bound to enliven any get-together!

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Style b. Glamour c. Women’s put on day-by-day d. Harper’s Bazaar sixty nine. What did philanthropist Benjamin Altman donate to the Metropolitan Museum in 1913? a. an extraordinary Egyptian scarab b. The portray Washington Crossing the Delaware c. His own artwork assortment d. Hokusai’s the good Wave off Kanagawa 70. whilst Max Weber held a one-man express of his paintings in 1911, it used to be thought of to be too what? a. colourful b. life like c. sleek d. Impressionistic seventy one. Who was once married to Georgia O’Keefe? a. Diego Rivera b. Jackson Pollock c.

Michael Dell d. David Geffen five. What idea did Milton Friedman—the Nobel Prize-winning economist—advocate? a. The Keynesian idea b. The unfastened marketplace economic climate c. Microeconomics d. online game thought 6. What e-book did Benjamin Graham write with David Dodd? a. overseas Economics: concept and coverage b. Capitalism: A Treatise c. safeguard research d. online game switch 7. whilst did Alan Greenspan function Chairman of the Federal Reserve? a. 1976–1987 b. 1987–1992 c. 1992–2009 d. 1987–2006 eight. What did Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, do for the 1st time in 2009?

A brand new York-based organization of hardcore dreidel fanatics 50. c. Latkes (potato pancakes) bankruptcy 3 And All That Jazz: leisure 1. d. Marvin Hamlisch 2. c. The raving Absalom three. a. Irving Berlin four. a. common photographs five. c. Paramount photos 6. d. Fox movie company 7. c. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer eight. c. Warner Bros. nine. a. Woody Allen 10. c. Kirk Douglas eleven. a. Lauren Bacall 12. d. a Passover seder with Zeppo Marx (a far away cousin of Sadye’s) thirteen. a. Groucho Marx 14. d. Milton Berle 15. a. Marc Chagall sixteen.

Kibbutz Lohamei Hageta’ot sixty five. what's a kibbutz? a. one of those museum b. A collective group in Israel c. A memorial d. A charity association sixty six. till nearly 1830, which urban had the top Jewish inhabitants in North the USA? a. ny, N. Y. b. Baltimore, Md. c. Charleston, S. C. d. Miami, Fla. sixty seven. What yr did the Six Day struggle occur, during which Israel fought the neighboring states of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria? a. 1967 b. 1988 c. 1965 d. 1867 sixty eight. in line with a CNN ballot, what approximate percent of Jews voted for Barack Obama within the 2008 presidential election?

Melatonin d. Morphine 2. Which scientist used to be offered the Nobel Prize in Physics for locating the exclusion precept? a. Emile Berliner b. Donald A. Glaser c. Wolfgang Pauli d. Irving Janis three. who's credited for being the 1st to exploit cocaine as a neighborhood anesthetic for surgical procedure? a. Ruben Katz b. Karl Koller c. Paul Rubenstein d. Joshua Lederberg four. Eric Kandel, the Austrian-born American neuroscientist, was once provided the Nobel Prize for his paintings at the physiological foundation of reminiscence garage in what? a.

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