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A Cretan Healer's Handbook in the Byzantine Tradition: Text, Translation and Commentary (Medicine in the Medieval Mediterranean)

By Patricia Ann Clark

In 1930 the Cretan healer Nikolaos Konstantinos Theodorakis of Meronas re-copied a pc containing scientific lore handed down via his kin over generations. the current quantity bargains an version of this computing device including an English translation, the 1st of its variety. It belongs to the style of iatrosophia, useful handbooks relationship generally to the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries which compiled therapeutic knowledge, in addition to snippets of agricultural, meteorological and veterinary recommendation, and admixtures of faith, astrology and magic. either interesting and of serious significance, iatrosophia let glimpses of classical and Byzantine clinical assets and illustrate the energy and resilience of Greek conventional clinical and botanical wisdom. From years spent exploring neighborhood therapeutic customs in Crete's Amari zone, Patricia Clark is ready to current Theodorakis' iatrosophion opposed to a wealthy old, geographical and social historical past. Introductory essays and explanatory notes to the interpretation supply context to the iatrosophion and supply the really expert details helpful for a very good knowing of the textual content. The ample materia medica of the workstation is handled in a considerable appendix. every one animal, mineral, plant or product is supplied with an outline of its a variety of names in the course of the millennia. Such entries aren't just a key to realizing the Greek clinical legacy, but in addition a bright representation of its utilization from antiquity to the current day.

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Handfuls) is a puzzle: feedback (AS and MSk) are that it shows the quantity (10) of purposes the medication is sweet for. apprehensive procedure: a conjecture in response to Gal. 19. 538 okay. Eczema (preferred via CL), yet may be hemorrhoids as there are five syndromes referred to as μαγιασήλη in Crete; see Index One. 60 Slice: χαραξέ το = χαραζω = χαράσσω in Cretan dialect skill minimize or carve, yet may also suggest thrash or beat (Pangalos 1953–83: 6, 361). sixty one Skatampa(σκαταμπά) is, as but, unknown; see Appendix.

Vριον, κριθάρι, κριθὴ, ἡ ὀρεινὴ κριθὴ Held. 204, κριθάρι Hordeum vulgare, H. hexastichon, H. species 129 Genn. 554–64, Κριθή, Hordeum, Eng. Barley historical Greek: κριθή LSJ: 995, κριθή, ἡ, barley corns, barly … the meal being ἄλφιτα … additionally of species of barleyThphr. HP eight. 1. 1 decoction of barley Hp. Nat. Mul. fifty three (s. v. l. ) κριθάλευρον τό, barley-meal, Aët. 12. seventy one κριθίδιον, τό, Dim. of κριθή, decoction of barley, Hp. Nat. Mul. fifty three κρίθινος, η, ον, of or made of barley… τὸ κρίθινον ποτόν Hp. Acut.

Thirteen the standard time period for haemorrhoids during this computer is ςοχάδες, see additionally Rigatos 2005: 127, οι ςωχάδες, εσωχάδες. Rigatos p. 205 additionally lists as haemorrhoids one of many 5 kinds of eczema, known as in Crete, μαγιασίλι (μαγιασίλι του πάτου); see n. 20 under. 14 Τραγγουριαν is a corruption of ‘strangury’. 15 most likely painful urination, see Papadogiannakis 2001: one hundred fifteen: ‘φιάγκον: ἡ δυσουρία’. Φιάγκωσα is the verb. Rigatos 2005: 360–61, bringing up the Geoponikon of the 17th-century Cretan monk Agapios Landos, provides το φιάγκο and το φιάγκωμα: dysuria or retention of urine both from kidney stones or engorged tissues.

Parviflora five. – F. officinalis, F. Vaillantii, F. species 6 Genn. 462, Καπνίτης ἢ Καπνόχορτον (Καπνόχορτα καὶ Καπνιὲς), Fumaria historical Greek: καπνός Dsc. four. 109 LSJ: 876, καπνός ὁ, II fumitory Fumaria officinalis Anon. Lond. 36. fifty eight, Dsc. four. 109 καπνίος ἡ = καπνός II Gal. 12. eight καπνογόργιον τό = καπνός II playstation . Dsc. four. 109 καπνῖτης (fem. shape) = καπνός II playstation . Dsc. four. 109 Fr. S. 103–4, Καπνός = Νικοτιανή tobacco, popularly known as τὰ καπνά Papad. κάπνιον 134 and notice n. 677 bringing up Gal. 12. eight. 18–12. nine. three, Περὶ καπνίου. Κάπνιος οἰ δὲ καπνὸν ὀνομάςουσι … Rig.

Byzantine and Venetian Crete jointly supplied a protracted series of centuries during which scientific concept and healing practices collectively proficient each other. either have been cultures predisposed to price written traditions. Byzantine texts have been preserved and copied specifically in the course of the Cretan Renaissance, and Cretan students again from the schools of western Europe bringing books with them, between them new types of canonical Greek scientific texts. features of well known therapeutic persevered to be interwoven with the textual culture, every one enriching and informing the opposite.

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