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Antarctica and the Arctic Circle: A Geographic Encyclopedia of the Earth's Polar Regions

This one-stop reference is an ideal source for an individual drawn to the North and South Poles, even if their curiosity pertains to background, natural world, or the geography of those areas within the information today.

• 2 volumes

• Introduces common phenomena and natural world chanced on on the North and South Pole regions

• Discusses present matters with regards to weather switch and its impression at the polar regions

• Furnishes scholars with an realizing of territorial claims and political concerns surrounding the North and South Poles

• comprises cross-references to let readers to attract connections among topics

• deals extra readings on the finish of every access in addition to a advisor to comparable subject matters to stimulate scholar study

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DOYON); (9) Koniag, Inc. ; (10) NANA neighborhood company, Inc. (NANA); (11) Sealaska company (SEAC); and (12) Ahtna, Inc. (AHTNA). round 80,000 Alaska Natives of one-quarter local ancestry (or a village or local team seemed one as Alaska Native·called the „Aleut Provision‰) have been enrolled right into a neighborhood and village company, which represented two-thirds of the Alaska local inhabitants. every one Alaskan local born prior to December 18, 1971, grew to become a shareholder in a single of the 12 neighborhood organizations and acquired a hundred stocks of inventory.

They're a robust salmon that's able to touring greater than 1,200 miles (2,000 km) up the Yukon River to spawn. Chinook salmon also are referred to as „king salmon‰ within the usa and „spring salmon‰ in British Columbia. Chinook salmon originate either in Asia and in North the US, and their diversity is from mid-California to the Mackenzie River and Kugluktuk of Canada. the utmost size of a chinook salmon is round fifty nine in. (150 cm) with the common size being approximately 28 in. (70 cm). a customary grownup chinook salmon weighs among 10 and 50 kilos (4.

Nordic Debate. Stockholm, Sweden: Nordic Council, 1995. Barents Sea The Barents Sea is a marginal sea of the Arctic Ocean and is found off the coast of Norway and Russia among the Norwegian (west) and Kara (east) Seas. The western sea border is the Svalbard (78° N sixteen° E). The japanese sea border is the Kara Strait, Novaya Zemlya Archipelago (74° N fifty six° E), and Franz Josef Land (80° 34′N fifty four° 47′E). The Barents Sea was once previously often called the „Sea of Murmans‰ through the Russians. The Barents SeaÊs northern border is Cape Kohlsaat (81° 14′N sixty five° 10′E) of Graham Bell Island, at the japanese part of Franz Josef Land, Russia.

Antarctic Ice Sheet | 35 additional analyzing Casaux, R. , L. Bellizia, and A. Baroni. The nutrition of the Antarctic fur seal Arctoephalus gazella at concord aspect, South Shetland Islands: proof of opportunistic foraging on penguins? Polar Biology, 27: 59ă65, 2004. Hofmeyr, G. , M. Bester, A. Makhado, and P. Pistorius. „Population alterations in Subantarctic and Antarctic Fur Seals at Marion Island. ‰ South African magazine of flora and fauna study 36, no. 1 (2006): 55ă68. Schwartz, L. , M. Goebel, D. Costa, and A. Kilpatrick.

Field 1911 Santa Barbara, California 93116-1911 This ebook is outlined on acid-free paper synthetic within the us of a CONTENTS quantity 1 Preface, xi advent, xv Timeline, xxiii Arctic Camel, sixty six Arctic Circle, sixty seven Arctic Council, seventy one Arctic Fox, seventy three Arctic floor Squirrel, seventy five Arctic Hare, seventy seven Arctic Haze, seventy nine Arctic Loon, eighty one Arctic nationwide flora and fauna safe haven (ANWR), eighty two Arctic Observatories, eighty four Arctic Ocean, 87 Arctic Redpoll, ninety Arctic Salmon, ninety one Arctic Seabirds, ninety five Arctic transport, ninety eight Arctic Shrub variety enlargement, a hundred Arctic Skua, 102 Arctic Tern, 104 Arctic Territorial Claims and Disputes, one zero five Arctic Wolf, 108 Arctic Woolly endure Caterpillar/Moth, one hundred ten Arktisk Station, 111 organization of Polar Early profession Scientists (APECS), 112 Atomic Detonations and guns within the Arctic, 114 deserted Arctic Islands, 1 Adélie Penguin, five contract at the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels (ACAP), eight Alaska local Claims payment Act (ANCSA) (1971), 10 Aleuts/Unangax, thirteen Alexander I Island, 17 Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI), 18 Amundsen, Roald Engebrecht Gravning (1872ă1928), 20 AmundsenăScott South Pole Station, 25 Amundsen Sea, 26 Antarctic Circle, 28 Antarctic Cruise undefined, 31 Antarctic Fur Seals, 32 Antarctic Ice Sheet, 35 Antarctic Peninsula, 37 Antarctic courses and study Stations/Bases, forty-one Antarctic Territorial Claims, forty nine Antarctic Treaty method (ATS), fifty one Arctic, Definitions of, fifty four Arctic pollution, fifty five Arctic and Antarctic study Institute (AARI), fifty seven Arctic Basin, 60 Arctic Botany, sixty one v vi | Contents Aurora Australis, 116 Aurora Borealis, 118 Auroral Substorm, 119 Australasian Antarctic excursion (1911ă1914), 121 Baffin Bay, one hundred twenty five Barents Euro-Arctic Council (BEAC), 127 Barents Sea, 129 Bartlett, Robert „Bob‰ Abram (1875ă1946), one hundred thirty Bearded Seal, 132 endure Island (BjŒrnŒya), 134 Beaufort Sea, a hundred thirty five Beaufort Sea Dispute, 137 Belgrano II Antarctic Station, 139 Bellingshausen Sea, 141 Beluga Whale, 142 Benthic neighborhood, a hundred forty five Bering, Vitus Jonassen (1681ă1741), 147 Bharati study Station, 149 Blood Falls, Antarctica, 151 Bowhead Whale, 153 Bransfield, Edward (1785ă1852), one hundred fifty five British Antarctic excursion (1910ă1913), 156 British Arctic day trip (1875ă1876), 161 Canadian Arctic Archipelago, 163 Canadian Arctic excursion (1913ă1918), 168 Caribou, one hundred seventy Cartography of the Arctic, 172 Chamisso wasteland, one hundred seventy five Chinstrap Penguin, 176 Chukchi, 177 Chukchi Sea, 182 weather, Long-Range research, Mapping, and Prediction (CLIMAP) venture, 183 weather switch and Invasive Species within the Arctic, 184 weather swap and Permafrost, 187 weather swap within the Arctic, 189 Coastal Erosion, 193 Colville River, 195 universal Raven, 196 Continental Shelf Claims within the Arctic, 199 cook dinner, James (1728ă1779), 204 prepare dinner, James, Voyages of, 206 Crabeater Seal, 211 Cryoconite Holes, 213 Cryoprotectorants, 215 Deception Island, 219 Dinosaurs of Antarctica, 220 Dirck Gerritsz Laboratory, the Netherlands, 224 Discovery day trip (1901ă1904), 226 far-off Early caution (DEW) Line, 229 canines within the Arctic, 231 Dolgans, 238 Drifting learn Stations within the Arctic Ocean, 240 East Antarctica, 245 East Siberian Sea, 247 fiscal progress within the altering Arctic, 248 Ellesmere Island Ice cabinets, 251 Emperor Penguin, 253 Enets, 255 Environmental issues, Arctic Mining Operations, 257 Eskimo Coast catastrophe of 1885, 259 Eskimo/Inuit Communal homes, 261 Eskimos, 262 Evenks, 266 Contents | vii Evens, 270 Eyak, 272 Farthest North, 277 Farthest South, 278 First German North Polar day trip (1868), 280 Foxe Basin, 281 Franklin seek Expeditions, 284 Franz Josef Land, 288 Gates of the Arctic nationwide Park and defend, 291 Gauss excursion (1901ă1903), 292 Gentoo Penguin, 294 Geomagnetic Poles, 295 Georg von Neumayer Station, Neumayer Station, Neumayer III Station, 299 Geospace, 301 German Antarctic excursion (1938ă1939), 303 Gerritsz, Dirck (a.

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