Bones and Muscles: An Illustrated Anatomy

By Virginia Cantarella

Bones and muscle tissue: An Illustrated Anatomy is 187 pages lengthy with a hundred and forty four full-color illustrations. it's the first anatomy textbook to be had basically in book structure. it may be downloaded in entire or partly as a PDF dossier, or ordered as a CD at a fragment of the price of a customary scientific textbook.
Bones and muscular tissues makes a speciality of just one element of the human body--the origins and insertions of the voluntary muscle groups. The layout is easy and uncluttered, with drawings at the correct and text--including activities, origins and insertions of the muscles--on the left. Translations of the names of the bones and muscular tissues from the Latin and Greek are supplied.
The writer and illustrator, Virginia Cantarella, is a well known clinical illustrator with 20 significant clinical texts to her credits, together with the vintage Aesthetic cosmetic surgery by means of Thomas Rees, M.D.
Here is what Rees has to claim approximately Bones and muscle mass:
"The research of anatomy is innately tough due to the in-built "dryness" of the topic. The psychological workout required to memorize the main points is a humdrum activity at most sensible. In scientific college, i discovered the examine of Gray's Anatomy to be tedious past phrases. The illustrations weren't attractive.
"This new paintings via Virginia Cantarella is a satisfaction to the attention and makes the learn of anatomy a pleasure... She has married accuracy of aspect with paintings - a such a lot tough job. i used to be fortunate adequate to have Ms Cantarella's prone in illustrating variants of my texts AESTHETIC cosmetic surgery, of which i used to be the editor and writer. The readability and attraction of her illustrations of surgical anatomy contributed a lot to the good fortune of those books which drew compliments from plastic surgeons from world wide.
"I have came upon those anatomical plates and their accompanying textual content to be a satisfaction to the attention and the brain. The anatomy is sort of incidental to the paintings. i think this paintings becomes the vintage during which all destiny texts on anatomy could be measured. The paintings turns out to be useful for all employees within the box of well-being care no matter if a medical professional, nurse, paramedic, rehabilitation professional, or different future health provider."
--Thomas D. Rees, M.D., F.A.C.S.
"Congratulations on a good booklet. I'm inspired. i like to recommend it hugely for surgeons, chiropractors and and therapeutic massage therapists."
-- Dr. Michael Patipa, West Palm seashore, Florida
"Your illustrations are so transparent and detailed that we will use them in instructing mom and dad on particular injuries/muscles."
-- Susan Shonbrun, PT from St. Joseph's clinic, Tampa, Florida
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The place the bones sign up for is termed a suture. Little palms of bone interdigitate with adjacent little hands to make the becoming a member of strong. The bones proven are: the frontal bone, the nasal bones, the lacrimal bones, the ethmoid bones, the sphenoid bones, the zygomatic bones, the maxilla, the mandible, the parietal bones, the temporal bones, the occipital bone, the palatine bones (not visible, considering they're contained in the orbit of the eye), and the vomer (not obvious, because it is contained in the nasal cavity). Nasal B.

Because the shaft reaches the ground it broadens to shape the medial condyle at the within with the medial epicondyle past it, and the lateral condyle with its lateral epicondyle past it at the outdoor. The hinge of the elbow, which permits the arm to bend, is made from the trochlea and the capitulum. be aware the xiphoid approach on the backside of the stermun. Humerus Sternum Glenoid hollow space Deltoid Tuberosity Xiphoid strategy Rib Cage Lateral Epicondyle Capitulum A condyle is a rounded finish of a bone that matches right into a concavity within the adjacent bone in order that a joint is shaped and the bone can rotate inside of that joint.

The linea alba is the insertion band for the entire anterior belly muscle tissues and is, consequently, very thick and dense. the single factor that penetrates it's the stomach button. 128 © V. Cantarella Bones and muscle groups: An Illustrated Anatomy stomach and Pelvis representation ninety nine THE QUADRATUS LUMBORUM MUSCLE The quadratus lumborum muscle pulls downward at the lowest rib to aid bend the spinal column towards the muscle doing the pulling. It additionally aids in expiration— pressured respiring out. It arises from the iliac crest and rises upward to insert at the reduce border of the 12th rib and the information of the transverse strategies of the 1st 4 lumbar vertebrae.

The opponens pollicis muscle inserts alongside the outer border of the 1st metacarpal, the bone positioned within the palm on the base of the thumb. Opponens Pollicis M. Palmaris Brevis M. THE PALMARIS BREVIS MUSCLE This muscle retains the underlying muscle mass in position and pulls the surface towards the heart of the palm if you make a fist. It arises from the flexor retinaculum, covers the opponens and abductor digiti minimi muscle tissues, and inserts within the dermis on the outer border of the palm. ninety four © V. Cantarella Bones and muscle tissues: An Illustrated Anatomy Arm and Hand representation seventy one THE FLEXOR POLLICIS BREVIS MUSCLE The flexor pollicis brevis muscle permits the thumb to maneuver over the palm of the hand.

It truly is one of many 4 muscle groups whose tendinous endings encircle the tip of the humerus head to guard the joint, making up a part of the rotator cuff. It arises from an important element of the undersurface of the scapula and inserts at the lesser tubercle of the humerus. The tubercle is located on the most sensible of the humerus simply in the back of the pinnacle of the humerus. Subscapularis M. • • • Subscapularis in Latin ability “under the scapula. ” fifty three © V. Cantarella Bones and muscular tissues: An Illustrated Anatomy Shoulder representation 35 THE DELTOID MUSCLE This thick muscle covers the shoulder maintaining the joint.

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