Brothers in Blood (Eagle, Book 13)

By Simon Scarrow

The Roman Empire's conquest of Britannia is less than hazard from inside. Prefect Cato and Centurion Macro needs to discover a traitor to avoid unthinkable defeat.

A messenger at the streets of Rome has been intercepted and tortured, revealing a plot to sabotage the Roman army's crusade opposed to Caratacus, commander of Britannia's local tribes. A treacherous agent's venture is to open a moment entrance of assault opposed to them and cast off the 2 Roman squaddies who may perhaps stand within the way.

Unwarned, Cato and Macro are with the Roman military pursuing Caratacus and his males in the course of the mountains of Britannia. Defeating Caratacus ultimately turns out inside their grab. however the plot opposed to the 2 heroes threatens not just their army ambitions but additionally their lives

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The wounded legionary sheathed his sword and evenly reduced his defend to the floor as he inspected his wound with a trembling hand. ‘Get that out of him, and bind the wound up,’ Macro ordered. A heartbeat later the auxiliary cavalrymen reined in both sides of the formation and Cato known as out, ‘All correct there, Macro? ’ ‘Fine, sir. ’ ‘Did you get to our guy in time? ’ ‘He’s right here. It’s Vellocatus. ’ there has been a pause as Cato took within the details and felt a sickening dread at its implications. ‘Get him into camp.

Yet, for my targeted buyers, pricey sirs, there's regularly wine. i've got a number of selection jars in my wagon, while you're ? ’ Cato nodded and Septimus casually waved them towards the tip of the wagon. many of the nearest males shot glances at their superiors and exchanged short grumbles concerning the privileges of rank earlier than returning to their unique muted conversations. Septimus led the 2 officials to the tailgate and reached throughout the leather-based flaps of the canopy to extract a small jar.

Thraxis reduced his gaze and concept in brief. ‘Wine and cheese, Prefect. The inventory is working low. ’ He flashed a look in Macro’s course. ‘Due to fresh intake. ’ ‘Is there adequate coin in my mess kitty? ’ requested Cato. ‘Yes, Prefect. even though it's going to require clean cash through the top of the month. ’ ‘Very good, see if you happen to should purchase a few good wine this time. The final jars tasted like piss. ’ ‘Really? ’ Macro seemed up. ‘I didn’t realize. ’ Cato sighed, and persevered addressing his servant. ‘Good wine, comprehend?

You’d greater clarify your self. ’ Septimus folded his arms jointly ahead of he persisted in a quiet, earnest tone. ‘You could have heard the tale of the way Claudius turned Emperor. whilst his predecessor was once butchered by means of Cassius Chaereas and his co-conspirators, that used to be speculated to be the tip of the imperial line. Rome used to be to turn into a republic back. simply the Praetorian Guards realised that intended they might be out of a role. with no an emperor to guard they might be despatched to hitch the legions. not more beneficiant pay and perks.

The tribune didn’t lack for braveness in his first battle,’ Macro mentioned. ‘He’d hardly ever flip tail simply because a sorry-arsed bunch of tribesmen informed him to not trespass on their turf. ’ ‘Exactly,’ acknowledged Cato. ‘I imagine there’s extra to it than that. ’ Septimus scratched his nostril. ‘You imagine he’s our guy? Pallas’s agent? ’ ‘He can be. He’s in an ideal place to ensure this challenge fails, lengthy ahead of we even get shut adequate to Caratacus to take him into our custody. ’ ‘That’s true,’ Septimus conceded.

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