Cathedral of Dreams

By Terry Persun

"Cathedral of goals" gained the ForeWord reports publication of the yr Finalist Award. 

In Newcity, everyone seems to be content material. undesirable emotions aren't allowed, simply because your tracking chip will alert the police to convey you in for remedy. recuperating is needed. Unchecked feelings made the realm open air Newcity risky, unruly, and violent. at the very least that is the legitimate tale in Newcity. 

Keith is aware anything is incorrect. unusual visions lead him to develop into one of many few who escapes Newcity. He unearths freedom and companionship outdoor, yet strain development to rebellion opposed to the city's insidious regime of social keep an eye on. management is thrust upon him, with simply his visions for assistance, just a small band of neighbors for support--and the fates of either Newcity and the skin international at stake. 

Cathedral of desires is a compelling story of a dystopian future 
and own heroism.

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Good luck and hurry back. ”  166 Terry Persun Keith rushed into the hallway. After the last of them were in, the  door  used to be  changed. minimum  lighting fixtures  furniture  have been  set  above  them  each  twenty  ft  or  so. The  dim  mild  prompted  shadows  to  delay  and  shorten  as  they  traveled. Keith  undefined  his  instincts,  yet  saved  alert  for  the  boy. They  went  up  a number of  flights  of  stairs,  down  halls, around corners, and into Newcity for short stints before going  again  into  the  wall  components.

She  leaned  into  his shoulder. Their actions appeared staged. Robert  strolled  into  the  stall  in the back of  the place  Brent  and  Stacy  sat. “And  then Bradley  takes us and  makes  us  work for  him. He  turns out  perfectly nice at the beginning. ”  Keith  persevered  to  consume  whereas  they  talked. Then  he  appeared  at  them. “So what’s the difference between the two? ” He wanted them  to  think,  to  discover  the  state of affairs. “It  doesn’t  topic  if  you’re  being  managed  via  Newcity  or  via  Bradley,  you’re  nonetheless  now not  thoroughly  unfastened.

Then  he  slipped  out  the  door. As soon as he was in the hallway, the boy with the bullet hole  168 Terry Persun in his forehead appeared at the end of the hall. “Are you me or the  computer? ” Keith whispered as he followed the boy. It didn’t take long before he found himself back inside the walls  where all the plumbing and electrical was located. A heaviness in the  air made him feel as though he was headed farther into the complex,  closer to the hub of the world, where the city had started.

We have a package to deliver. ”  “I knew that. I was wondering where in particular. ”  “We’ll know when we get there,” she said. Cathedral of goals 143 Keith  got rid of  his  blouse  and  Stacy  leaned  over  him. “I  can  get  a few  of  these,  yet  the  loopy  driver,”  she  acknowledged  in  a  loud  voice,  “has  got to let me know when he’s going to make a hard turn. ”  “I’ll try,” Robert said. Stacy  pulled  Keith’s  dermis  taught  and  scraped  or  pinched  from  time to time. “Some of them are coming easily enough.

I told him that you know Bradley’s plans,” she said. “You have no idea,” Sam said shaking his head. “Do you? ” Keith said to Stacy. “Not completely, but you saw the weapons, the explosives. Sam  said he’d debrief us when we got back into the city. ”  Keith  didn’t  like  the  sound  of  that. The  final  position  he  may well  think  going  to  may  be  again  into  the  urban. “Wouldn’t  that  be  a  little  shut  to  Newcity? Aren’t  you  afraid  you’re  going  to  get  stuck? ”  “I told you, they’re not after us,” she said.

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