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Chronicles of the Sacred Mountain: Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven's Past, Present and Future

The Must-Read publication for Unlocking Heavenly Mysteries

Questions you've got requested for years at the moment are researched and responded during this publication! For example:

-The Bible says we'll sooner or later pass judgement on the angels. How ist hat possible?

-Could the recent Jerusalem be a pyramid and never a cube?

-With humans from each state in heaven, what language do we speak?

-If I had a miscarriage, will I see my baby in heaven?

-Do my family in heaven have a data of items happening on earth?

-At dying, how lengthy does the human spirit linger on earth?

-If a friend dies misplaced, do we take note them within the age to come?

-What form of nutrition can we consume in heaven?

-What can we appear like in heaven?

-In heaven, do we comprehend one another as we did on earth?

Chronicles of the Sacred Mountain additionally unlocks one of many maximum mysteries from a long time previous, as recorded via the prophet Ezekiel, touching on devil, the anointed cherub who walked one of the stones of fireplace. What used to be his hyperlink to the the heavenly New Jerusalem? How did his gemstone protecting support bring about his satisfaction and fall from heaven? this could be essentially the most concise books you could learn at the mysteries of heaven, a long time prior, a long time current, and a long time to come back.

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Once we go back to earth, he's in a position to provide the saints knowing of the earthly dialects spoke by way of the survivors of the tribulation. The prophet stated it this fashion: “For the earth will be jam-packed with the information of the Lord, because the waters conceal the ocean. ” – HABAKKUK 2:14 The time, wisdom, and language obstacles we come across whereas residing in the world will all be got rid of sooner or later. God supplies the reward of numerous (different) tongues (1 Cor. 12:10), which permits the Holy Spirit to supernaturally impart languages to the Spirit-baptized believer.

12:2-4). often, the folks experiencing those heavenly encounters exhibit that a few different types of conversation have been with techniques and never with phrases. In different phrases, within the spirit realm, conversation can happen by means of the folk studying every one other’s options. during this demeanour a few questions have been spoke back sooner than the whole proposal used to be published from the individual’s brain (or soul). this can be fascinating in gentle of Isaiah 65:24: “... prior to they name i'm going to resolution; whereas they're but conversing i'll listen.

Bankruptcy 6 robust Angels Expelled with devil IN a long time previous, while devil used to be hurled off God’s sacred mountain, a 3rd of the angels have been expelled with him (Rev. 12:4). within the country of darkness, there are many evil and unclean spirits named within the Bible, together with a spirit of bondage (Rom. 8:15), a spirit of heaviness (Isa. 61:3), a mendacity spirit (1 Kings 22:23), a tormenting spirit (1 John 4:18), a spirit of worry (2 Tim. 1:7), a spirit of disease (Luke 13:11) and a spirit of jealousy (Num.

I've got lengthy considering that replaced my brain. there'll be not anything dull in regards to the way forward for a believer in covenant with Christ! after we trip again to a long time prior, it really is startling to work out how the autumn of 1 anointed cherub and a 3rd of the angels affected God’s construction. notwithstanding, God already created a redemptive approach. He already initiated a plan for our everlasting go back to the unique paradise that Adam misplaced. while you are in covenant with Christ, there are interesting occasions and an excellent existence ahead—in the area to come back.

Additionally, lifestyles has many disappointments, destructive thoughts, and undesirable conditions that must be erased from our reminiscence vault. reminiscence is a God-given present that allows people to keep in mind important or wanted info and shop photos within the mind. reminiscence serves either a pragmatic and non secular functionality, and permits us to bear in mind the phrases, delivers, and Commandments of God. The Almighty continuously stated to Israel, “Remember the Sabbath... ” (Exod. 20:8); “Remember to do the entire commandments... ” (Num. 15:39); “Remember how the Lord led you...

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