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Divrei Yoel - Selected Teachings of the Satmar Rebbe - Sefer Bemidbar (Numbers)

By Grand Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum Satmar Rebbe

Hasidic Teachings on Sefer Bemidbar - the e-book of Numbers, by means of his holiness, Grand Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum, the Satmar Rebbe, zy"a, (1887-1979) chosen from his e-book Divrei Yoel, translated from Hebrew to English. modern Hasidic Bible remark.

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Hence, Moses prayed for Joshua, asserting "may God prevent from the recommendation of the spies" (the Yud and Hei from God's identify, which was once extra to Joshua's name). Moses understood that God could retailer Joshua from the recommendation of the spies, simply because Joshua had perfected the characteristic of humility. (Divrei Yoel) PARSHAS KORACH "And Korah took" The Midrash teaches that Korah observed the passage of the Torah instructing concerning the pink Heifer, and observed how to disagree with Moses. it really is extra written "And they stood up earlier than Moses...

Based on this, we will be able to clarify that once Moses brought on the sunlight to face nonetheless, it prompted a confusion within the time time table of these kings. it truly is attainable that during the morning, whilst the sunlight was once scheduled to polish, the order of the rotation used to be interrupted, hence the kings didn't understand while to make their pagan worship. We see that this nullified God's anger, as the kings didn't provide their worship to the sunlight. this can be what's intended whilst it says that Balak observed that our instructor Moses used to be capable of reason the sunlight to face nonetheless, simply because that may swap the instant of God's anger, and interrupt his complete plan to have Balaam curse the Israelites at that second.

In accordance with those thoughts, we will solution the query of the Kli Yakar, of blessed reminiscence, who requested why the extra sacred projects, equivalent to wearing the Ark of the Covenant, was once no longer given to the sons of Gershon, because Gershon was once the 1st born of his kinfolk. the answer's that every one of this is often established upon the soul roots that one has as to why he got here into the area. if that is so, then this Divine provider is attached to the soul-roots of the sons of Kehath, hence it should now not be taken from them.

If that is so, then we discover that the center lamp tricks to the Sabbath day, that's the center day among the 3 days earlier than the Sabbath and the 3 days after the Sabbath. it's identified that the impression of holiness that rests upon someone is determined by an individual getting ready his deeds through the week. this is because it says "when you bring up up the lighting" skill to elevate up the weekdays, which correspond to the lamps of the Menorah, as much as holiness. which means your intentions can be "across the face of the Menorah to light up the seven lamps" this means that the center lamp that tricks to the Sabbath.

Why will we make a census? to meet the verse "He has now not performed so for any nation", and what has He performed, "and He lifts up the satisfaction of His People". we will comprehend this based on the phrases of the Commentators who clarify the explanation why God commanded to count number the youngsters of Israel was once so as to push away the claims of the gentile countries that they're the vast majority of the area, hence the Jews are nullified being "the least of all of the peoples", hence Israel can be drawn into idolatry just like the majority.

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