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Does God Believe in Atheists?: How past atheist and agnostic thinking shapes people's thinking today

By John Blanchard

This award-winning identify lines the improvement of atheistic and agnostic considering during the last 2,500 years and exhibits how thinkers like Immanuel Kant, Friedrich Nietzsche, Albert Camus, Jean-Paul Sartre, Bertrand Russell and others have formed many people's pondering today.

It additionally pinpoints the issues in Darwinian evolutionism and in claims made for it by means of Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and others, explains why secular humanism self-destructs, finds why there's no clash among technology and trust in God, exposes deadly mistakes in 9 international religions and fourteen significant cults and exhibits why the lifestyles of evil and ache isn't any cause to disclaim God's existence.

Newly up to date with an Appendix - 'Dealing with Dawkins'.

Dr. John Blanchard is an across the world recognized Christian preacher, instructor, apologist and writer. He has written 30 books, together with of Britain's most generally used evangelistic shows, correct With God and the book final Questions. The latter has over fourteen million copies in print in approximately 60 languages. Dr. Blanchard is now seriously devoted to well known Christian Apologetics, a venture related to writing, conversing, instructing and broadcasting in safety of the Christian faith.

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The uncommitted humanist isn't really basically fascinated about God’s lifestyles or non-existence; he can take it or go away it. If anyone else’s trust in God is helping this kind of individual to set commendable criteria for their personal lifestyles and to be anxious approximately integrity, freedom, justice and the wishes of others, good and stable; the all-important concerns are these on the subject of man’s person and company health. non secular humanism is one other kettle of fish altogether, most sensible illustrated by means of a number of fresh examples.

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