Edgar Cayce's Story of the Soul

By W. H. Church

W.H. Church, a pupil of the Edgar Cayce readings, strains the genesis of the soul -- the place we got here from and the place we're going -- in a notable paintings that unearths the religious means of production itself and the divine plan for the soul's eventual salvation.

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From the Cayce point of view, the access of a soul into the earth aircraft via a given physique is an issue of the soul's personal selection, even if that physique is defective or excellent, black or white, male or woman, good or diseased. all of it pertains to the entity's most sensible technique of assembly self in that categorical incarnation. brain, furthermore, is the builder of the soul's temple; and any externally triggered swap or restructuring of the edifice, if it doesn't ensue in coordination with the builder and the occupant as complete and keen individuals, turns into a contravention of non secular legislation.

In Mercury's environs, the spirit-entity learns to grasp these psychological forces wanted via the evolving soul in its earthly rounds, for weal or woe. Venus' classes observe to the loveprinciple. Cayce referred to as love "the oil of salvation"; it permits the forgiving nature to get out from below the karmic wheel extra speedy, and move below the protecting legislation of grace. (Karma, for these strange with the time period, is just the legislations of reason and influence, carried ahead from one incarnation to a different. ) In Mars' forces, the cruel schooling-ground inculcates braveness less than adversity, and the overcoming of wrath.

Yet now, one other query: Is the mythical photo of Lilith as a prolific sexual accomplice of Adam (or of Amilius, because the higher Adam) to be believed? We may perhaps glance upon it as a principally mythic part of the tale, might be. it should seem to be inconsistent with Amilius' given function, which used to be to create a helpmate and better half who might permit Him to maintain His sanctity because the Son of God, unfastened from the contaminating impression of the little children of guys. For it was once most likely at approximately this time that Amilius had first saw that a number of the androgynous sons had all started to split, turning into , just like the reduce mortals.

In the meantime, to the west of the misplaced Lemuria lay the large Asian landmass, a lot of which used to be nonetheless principally unsettled. It was once during this path that scattered Lemurian tribes of what have been to turn into the united peoples of the broad Gobi Land—also recognized, to a few, because the Land of Mu—decided to move. Many wandered southward, settling in what's now Indo-China and Thailand, whereas others moved up via China to the thenfertile quarter identified to us this day because the Gobi barren region and Mongolia. even though nice distances separated them, they have been to stay as one humans for plenty of generations to return.

But, at the same time their ships hove close to, there have been huge subterranean rumblings because the final island remnant of potent Atlantis erupted in a poor shudder and sank underneath the waves, making a substantial eddy of water that should have sucked up all luckless ships for lots of miles approximately, pulling them right into a universal grave. So nice used to be the earthquake, actually, that it even shook the complete of the far away Mediterranean basin, claiming the lives of so much of Hellas' courageous warriors nonetheless encamped at their promontories overlooking the Gibraltar Strait.

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