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Encyclopedia of Thai Massage: A Complete Guide to Traditional Thai Massage Therapy and Acupressure

By C. Pierce Salguero, David Roylance

Drawing from Thai background, cultural stories, Buddhist faith, and yogic practices, in addition to a contemporary realizing of anatomy and body structure, this guidebook bridges the distance among concept and perform whereas featuring bodywork because it is known in Thailand—as a healing clinical technological know-how. providing targeted research of every step in a Thai therapeutic massage regimen, the background, non secular traditions, and moral codes are provided in an attractive, casual sort. a variety of images and diagrams illustrate the diversity of innovations used, and examples of workouts for treating particular issues are mentioned. up-to-date with new format, pictures, and elevated textual content, this exhaustive instruction manual is whole with a piece at the major strength meridians and diagrams of acupressure issues, making it the precise instrument to accompany somebody learning this renowned therapeutic modality.

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Whilst doing this step with much less versatile consumers, take care to not harm them. in the event that they can't bend the hip to a ninety° attitude, pass this circulate. There are alternative ways of getting access to line i3 that we are going to be taking a look at presently. within Leg outdoors Leg seventy five 563-6_TM-INT_BOOK. indb seventy five 01. 08. eleven 01:49 T he E n c y cl o pe d ia o f T hai M assa g e 20. Finger Press on-line o1 cease jogging alongside i3 in the midst of the hamstrings. unlock the client’s instantly leg, snatch the bent leg with either arms, and fold the bent leg around the tops of your toes, in order that the client’s shin is opposed to your shin.

Eleven 01:52 563-6_TM-INT_BOOK. indb 192 01. 08. eleven 01:52 Chapter 6 Sen: The Thai power traces u What are the Sen? A lthough at the beginning look there looks a few similarity among the Thai sen and the chinese language meridians, they're in reality really diversified platforms. The sen, for instance, don't correlate with any organ structures the best way that the chinese language meridians do. The Thai sen all start on the navel, and finish on the orifices or extremities of the physique. additionally, instead of akin to definite organ capabilities, every one sen can be used to regard any and all physique elements by which it passes alongside its path.

Following the colon assists within the passage of waste items, and flushes pollution, lymph, and stagnant power out of the physique. it truly is quite solid for selling digestive regularity and treating constipation. 108 563-6_TM-INT_BOOK. indb 108 01. 08. eleven 01:50 T he C lassic T hai M assa g e R o u ti n e The final of the 3 innovations (on the perfect) is to put your fingers in butterfly place on both sides of the navel. Press first at the left part of the stomach, then at the correct. every time, palm press slowly in synchronization with the client’s respiring.

Subsequent, thumb press alongside line o1 from her shoulder to her elbow and again back. (Compare to Step forty eight. ) edition: For consumers Who get pleasure from extra strain For a consumer who enjoys extra strain, position your elbow on her trapezius muscle, and grip her wrist or hand. Pull her hand towards her contrary shoulder to stretch the triceps muscular tissues, whereas urgent your elbow into the trapezius muscle. this can be a nice blend of strain and stretching. for extra aid and a deeper stretch, you may also swap your palms that you should raise the elbow, whereas urgent down into the trapezius muscle together with your contrary elbow and guiding her hand towards her different shoulder.

Indb ninety five 01. 08. eleven 01:50 T he E n c y cl o pe d ia o f T hai M assa g e 37. Thumb Circle again of Hand Now, thumb circle the head of the hand from the heart of the wrist out to every finger separately. begin with the 5th finger, operating towards the thumb. 38. Stretch Palm and palms Stretch the client’s palm by way of working your thumbs from the bottom of the hand out to the ends of the pinky and the thumb even as. begin again on the base of the palm, and this time run your thumbs as much as the index finger and ring finger whilst.

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