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Freedom Wherever We Go: A Buddhist Monastic Code for the Twenty-first Century

By Thich Nhat Hanh

In Freedom anyplace We Go, Zen grasp Thich Nhat Hanh takes the centuries –old Buddhist monastic code, the Pratimoksha,and updates it for the twenty-first century. "The Buddha," Thich Nhat Hanh says, "needs brave disciples to make this innovative step."

The Buddhist identical of the principles of Saint Benedict, the Pratimoksha defines and organizes the behavior of monastics and of the monastic group. the tips during this ebook emphasize correct behavior, mindfulness, openheartedness, and transparent communique. this can be the 1st time that this article is out there to put practitioners and non-monastic readers.

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A bhikshu will not be urinate or defecate close to a stupa or shrine, in a spot which isn't protected from view, in a vegetable plot, or in a flowing physique of water. 36. A bhikshu should still knock slowly 3 times earlier than getting into somebody else’s room. 37. A bhikshu aren't go away his footwear or slippers untidily, yet should still go away them smartly in a immediately line. 38. A bhikshu may still smartly organize and tidy every little thing whilst he's accomplished utilizing it. 39. A bhikshu aren't go away his outfits soaking for a protracted time period with no washing and drying them in order that they don't crumble very quickly.

A bhikshuni, whereas jogging, aren't chunk her nutrition, use a toothpick, or speak at the mobilephone. three. A bhikshuni, whereas jogging, are usually not sign up for her hands in greeting, snap her hands, swing her hands, sway her physique, circulation her legs and arms as though she have been dancing, pass, or flip her stand up to the sky. four. A bhikshuni, whereas strolling, aren't stroll in haste, yet her bearing should still emanate solidity and freedom. five. A bhikshuni, whereas strolling, shouldn't be placing on outfits or adjusting her gown. 6. A bhikshuni, whereas strolling, will not be drag or stamp her toes, nor take very lengthy strides.

A bhikshuni who transgresses anyone of those 100 and forty-two precepts has to precise her remorse and start anew earlier than 3 or bhikshunis as a way to make her precepts’ physique transparent. Now i'm asking you, so far as those 100 and Forty-two Expression of remorse Offenses are involved, is your precepts’ physique transparent? [The query is requested 3 times. ] The Venerable Bhikshunis have remained silent. hence we all know that during the Sangha everyone’s precepts’ physique is obvious. allow us to concentrate on this, realize it, and provides it our approval.

As part of their education at Plum Village, absolutely ordained priests and nuns needs to spend no less than 5 years learning the Vinaya, an enormous and wealthy physique of literature, that defines and organizes the lifetime of the monastic neighborhood. This learn of the Vinaya contains the Revised and the Classical Pratimoksha. Monastics research the Vinaya now not as professors or experts, yet as practitioners. They learn with a transparent perception that the trainings, conscious manners, and rules are the basis for the survival of the Sangha.

The Buddha provided the king a seat and invited him to invite a question. The king requested, “I need to know what the advantages of turning into a monk or a nun are. I see 1000 individuals with their heads shaved, donning the monk’s gown, dwelling the easy existence, having left at the back of their kin, their wealth, and the honors of the area. hundreds of thousands of individuals are occurring this direction. what's the profit for them? ” The Buddha requested, “Your majesty, have you requested this query prior to? ” King Ajatasattu replied, “I have.

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