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Gray Hat Python: Python Programming for Hackers and Reverse Engineers

By Justin Seitz

Python is quick turning into the programming language of selection for hackers, opposite engineers, and software program testers simply because it is simple to write down quick, and it has the low-level aid and libraries that make hackers chuffed. yet before, there was no actual guide on how you can use Python for various hacking projects. You needed to dig via discussion board posts and guy pages, ceaselessly tweaking your individual code to get every little thing operating. no longer anymore.

Gray Hat Python explains the techniques at the back of hacking instruments and strategies like debuggers, trojans, fuzzers, and emulators. yet writer Justin Seitz is going past thought, exhibiting you the way to harness latest Python-based safeguard instruments - and the way to construct your personal whilst the pre-built ones will not minimize it.

You'll learn the way to:

  • Automate tedious reversing and safeguard tasks
  • Design and application your individual debugger
  • Learn the way to fuzz home windows drivers and create robust fuzzers from scratch
  • Have enjoyable with code and library injection, gentle and difficult hooking options, and different software program trickery
  • Sniff safe site visitors out of an encrypted internet browser session
  • Use PyDBG, Immunity Debugger, Sulley, IDAPython, PyEMU, and more

The world's most sensible hackers are utilizing Python to do their handiwork. is not going to you?

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Pre_send = receive_ftp_banner sess. add_target(target) sess. connect(s_get("user")) sess. connect(s_get("user"), s_get("pass")) sess. connect(s_get("pass"), s_get("cwd")) sess. connect(s_get("pass"), s_get("dele")) sess. connect(s_get("pass"), s_get("mdtm")) sess. connect(s_get("pass"), s_get("mkd")) sess. fuzz() The receive_ftp_banner() functionality is important simply because each FTP server has a banner that it screens while a shopper connects. We tie this to the sess. pre_send estate, which tells Sulley to obtain the FTP banner ahead of sending any fuzz info.

Let's use notepad. exe and notice if Nico was once actual in regards to the 4,500 calls if you open a dossier conversation. commence C:\WINDOWS\System32\notepad. exe lower than Immunity Debugger and run the ! hippie_easy PyCommand within the command bar (if you are misplaced at this aspect, reread bankruptcy 5). Resume the method, after which in Notepad opt for dossier ► Open. Now it is time to payment our effects. Rerun the PyCommand, and also you should still see output within the Log window of Immunity Debugger (ALT-L) that appears like instance 6-2. instance 6-2. Output from the !

You will study not just how you can use Python-based instruments yet how one can construct instruments in Python. yet be forewarned, this isn't an exhaustive reference! there are lots of, many infosec (information protection) instruments written in Python that i didn't hide. even if, this e-book will let you translate many of the comparable abilities throughout purposes for you to use, debug, expand, and customise any Python device of your selection. There are a few methods you could development via this booklet. while you are new to Python or to development hacking instruments, you then should still learn the e-book entrance to again, so as.

Py dossier and is anticipating a few candy Python nectar. The Hacker's ally: ctypes The Python module ctypes is through a long way some of the most robust libraries on hand to the Python developer. The ctypes library helps you to name features in dynamically associated libraries and has huge functions for growing advanced C datatypes and software services for low-level reminiscence manipulation. it really is crucial that you simply comprehend the fundamentals of the way to exploit the ctypes library, as you can be counting on it seriously during the e-book.

You want to have a main() functionality outlined, and it needs to settle for a unmarried parameter, that's a Python checklist of arguments to be handed to the PyCommand. the opposite prerequisite is that it needs to go back a string whilst it is comprehensive execution; the most debugger prestige bar could be up to date with this string while the script has entire operating. should you are looking to run a PyCommand, you need to make sure that your script is kept within the PyCommands listing on the whole Immunity Debugger set up listing. To execute your stored script, easily input an exclamation mark by means of the script identify into the command bar within the debugger, like so: !

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