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Hildegard von Bingen's Physica: The Complete English Translation of Her Classic Work on Health and Healing

Certainly one of significant clinical treatises by way of medieval healer Hildegard von Bingen, awarded in its entirety for the 1st time in English through the 900th anniversary of her delivery.

• A seminal textual content within the improvement of Western natural drugs

• provides 9 different types of therapeutic systems--Plants, parts, timber, Stones, Fish, Birds, Animals, Reptiles, and Metals--and elaborates on their medicinal use

• heavily on the topic of jap clinical ways which are gaining recognize this present day

Saint, mystic, healer, visionary, fighter, Hildegard von Bingen stands as one of many nice figures within the heritage of girls in me.

At a time while few girls may well write and so much have been denied a proper schooling, Hildegard von Bingen turned a mythical healer, visionary, musician, artist, poet, and saint. Her works comprise twenty-seven symphonic compositions; Scivias, a compilation of her visions; and her significant scientific works, Causae et Curae, a clinical compendium, and Physica, released right here in English in its entirety for the 1st time.

Physica has a robust affinity with the jap scientific techniques gaining nice admire at the present time. the fashionable reader attracted to traditional therapeutic will realize the large fact within the theories of this 12th-century health practitioner, which remind us that our remedies for sickness rely on our wildlife and our position in it.

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LX. GOLDEN-CRESTED KINGLET The golden-crested kinglet (cungelm) is scorching and from the air of the shining solar. Its flesh doesn't damage someone who eats it. on its own, it isn't worthwhile as medication, since it is small. yet, while getting ready unguents in could, take off its head and throw out the intestines. decrease the remainder of its physique to a powder in a brand new clay pot. upload this powder to any reliable herbs with which unguents are made, and no different herb could be extra valuable in curing diseases. LXI. BAT The bat (vespertilio) is extra sizzling than chilly.

One that has in his physique arthritic or gouty humor, which feels as though it truly is consuming the interior of his limbs, and who's failing to suffer that in order that he has many various options in his head, as though his wisdom is vanishing, should still cook dinner tithymal with wine and honey. He should still pressure it via a material, and regularly drink it hot, with meals, and at evening. He may still position an identical hot tithymal, which was once cooked in wine, over his breast and tie a fabric over it. If he does this usually, he'll be greater.

It sends out its breath, that's jam-packed with lethal poison, towards an individual. Even its pores and skin is thickened via the poison inside of it, in order that the surface contracts into wrinkles and the outer layer is divided from the warmth of the solar. whilst it feels this, it's as though it have been oppressed by way of ulcers. It seeks a slender commencing in a rock, which it rubs opposed to until eventually it throws off foam. it's then much less savage than it were while it was once confused via the froth. while it has thrown off the froth, its epidermis turns into smooth and transparent, as though new.

If somebody eats or beverages poison, take strong wine and a 3rd as a lot vinegar and combine them with rue juice (half up to the entire quantity of wine and vinegar). position a bar of natural copper in fireplace and while it's sizzling position it within the wine in order that it warms it up. Drink the nice and cozy wine, on an empty abdominal, for 3 days. The poison will go away via nausea or evacuation of the bowels. ] additionally, if horses, asses, oxen, goats, sheep, pigs, or any animals have a constriction of the throat or soreness within the head, one should still position a wide piece of copper in a caldron, a clay pot, or a bucket.

LIX. SWALLOW The swallow (hirundo) is scorching. It seeks warmth and calm air, and there builds its nest. It has heat and is a piece fierce. It flies quick and eats a lot unclean meals. although it really is damaging for someone to devour, the place there's scrofula on anyone, even if complete or ruptured, anoint it with the fats of the swallow, and it'll be healed. If anyone ails in his testicles, he should still burn a complete swallow’s egg, with its shell, and decrease it to a powder. To this powder he should still upload somewhat bird fats and combine it jointly.

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