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Japanese Hiragana & Katakana for Beginners: First Steps to Mastering the Japanese Writing System (CD-ROM Included)

By Timothy G. Stout

The approach that is helped millions within the U.S. and Japan examine jap successfully.

The jap language has simple writing structures, hiragana and katakana, as well as the person who makes use of chinese language characters or Kanji. this convenient e-book teaches you a brand new mnemonics–based solution to learn and write the fundamental ninety two hiragana and katakana characters.

  • Memorable photograph mnemonics assist you to profit the characters by way of associating their shapes and sounds with combos of pictures and English phrases already popular to you.
  • Clear examples and wonderful exercises provide possibilities to learn, write, use and perform all forty six uncomplicated hiragana and forty six simple katakana characters, plus the rest kana that stand for extra complicated sounds.
  • Polish your knowledge with observe searches, crossword puzzles, fill–in–the–blanks, timed acceptance quizzes, and different attention-grabbing activities.
  • The CD–ROM lets you print out your personal flash playing cards (featuring a similar mnemonic photographs taught within the e-book) that can assist you assessment and perform, even when you are at the go.

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Mo ἤᴾ Ἅᴾ Ἕᴾ ἱᴾ Ἁᴾ ἇᴾ ἴ five. tsu Ἁᴾ Ἇᴾ ὅᴾ Ἴᴾ ἖ᴾ ἇᴾ ἱ five. ne ἧᴾ ἟ᴾ Ἳᴾ Ἥᴾ ἡᴾ Ỹᴾ Ἳ 6. so Ἴᴾ ὅᴾ Ἁᴾ ἖ᴾ ἇᴾ ἳᴾ Ἇ 6. ha Ἵᴾ Ἴᴾ ἡᴾ Ἇᴾ Ἥᴾ Ἕᴾ ἲ 7. te Ἕᴾ Ἐᴾ ἓᴾ ἳᴾ ὄᴾ Ἔᴾ ἱ 7. yo ἅᴾ Ἰᴾ ὄᴾ Ἳᴾ Ἲᴾ ὁᴾ Ἕ eight. u ἁᴾ ὁᴾ ἞ᴾ ἧᴾ Ἳᴾ Ỹᴾ ὄ eight. ro ἅᴾ ἤᴾ ἴᴾ Ἷᴾ Ἲᴾ Ἕᴾ Ỻ nine. ku ἃᴾ ὄᴾ ἁᴾ Ỹᴾ ἑᴾ ὄᴾ ὁ nine. ya ἶᴾ ỽᴾ ἰᴾ ἳᴾ ἲᴾ ἳᴾ ἞ 10. ni Ἐᴾ Ἕᴾ Ἰᴾ Ἔᴾ ὄᴾ ἱᴾ Ἲ 10. me ἠᴾ Ἔᴾ ἳᴾ ἞ᴾ ἑᴾ ἁᴾ ἃ eleven. to Ἔᴾ Ỷᴾ ἠᴾ Ἴᴾ Ἐᴾ Ỽᴾ Ἒ eleven. hello Ỻᴾ Ἅᴾ ἲᴾ Ἲᴾ ἅᴾ ἴᴾ ἤ 12. shi ἖ᴾ Ἇᴾ ὅᴾ Ἁᴾ Ἴᴾ ἇᴾ Ἶ 12. ru Ἶᴾ Ἴᴾ Ἵᴾ ἡᴾ Ἕᴾ ἠᴾ Ἔ thirteen. chi Ἐᴾ Ỽᴾ ἓᴾ Ỷᴾ Ἥᴾ Ἔᴾ ἲ thirteen. ma ἲᴾ Ỵᴾ Ỹᴾ ἰᴾ ἞ᴾ ἳᴾ ἁ 14.

Sa i to ((web or genuine) web site) ἇ Ỷ Jpn Hira&Kata for Beg. indd 121 2. te su to (test) ἘἋ four. su ta– to (start) ἋἑὊ 1/24/11 4:59:47 PM 122 part 4 Ἔ 2 1 “na” as in now not a knife Writing Tip “na” has strokes: 1) a cease and a couple of) brush. hint those characters. ᴾἜᴾἜᴾἜᴾἜᴾἜᴾἜᴾἜᴾἜ Write the nature within the packing containers lower than, after which circle the only you think that is better. 2. na re– ta– (narrator) 1. na i fu (knife) Ỷ ἧ three. tsu na (tuna) ἖ Jpn Hira&Kata for Beg. indd 122 four. sa u na (sauna) ἇỸ ἾὊἑὊ five. na sa (NASA) ἇ 1/24/11 4:59:48 PM THE uncomplicated forty six KATAKANA CHARACTERS 123 Ἕ 1 2 “ni” as in want the japanese notice for “two” is ni.

I ke (pond) three. ke su (to erase) ẟ Ẵ five. ta su ke te (Help! ) ẟ ẺẴ ề 1/24/11 4:59:14 PM THE simple forty six HIRAGANA CHARACTERS Ắ 23 1 Ắ 2 “ko” as in koala A koala is hiking a tree. Writing Tip “ko” has strokes: 1) a leap and a couple of) cease. hint those characters. ᴾẮᴾ Ắᴾ Ắᴾ Ắᴾ Ắᴾ Ắᴾ Ắᴾ Ắ Write the nature within the containers lower than, after which circle the only you're thinking that is better. 1. ko re (this) 2. do ko (where? ) three. ko ko (here) ủ Ễ four. ko do mo (child) five. i to ko (cousin) Ễ ờ ẟể Jpn Hira&Kata for Beg. indd 23 1/24/11 4:59:15 PM 24 part ONE 2 Ằ Ằ 1 three “sa” as in observed He observed whatever that made him smile.

Eight. ỏỠ nine. ẳỢ 10. ẨỞ eleven. ọỢ 12. ỏỢ thirteen. ẨỠ 14. ẲỢ 15. ỎỢ half B 1. ẳỠ 2. ỆỢ three. ỆỠ four. ọỞ five. ỚỢ 6. ỎỠ 7. ụỢ eight. ọỠ nine. ẼỠ 10. ẳỞ eleven. ẼỞ 12. ụỠ thirteen. ẩỞ 14. ẲỞ 15. ỏỞ Map of Japan (page 87) ỆỖỮ (Japan), ẨẺ (North) 1. ỖẾẦẟỄạ 2. ỖỮẲỠạ three. ẲẮẪ four. ẨỠạẲỠạ five. ấẨễỪ 6. ẰẾỘỨ 7. ẝấờụ eight. ẶỮẻẟ nine. ễầỉ 10. ểạẨỢạ eleven. ợẮỊộ 12. ễắở thirteen. ẮạỔ 14. ẨỢạể 15. ấấẰẦ sixteen. ọỨẲộ 17. ỐẪấẦ relations (page 88) 1. ỗẪ 2. ấẳẟẰỮ three. ỪẺẲ four. ấịẝẰỮ five. ẟờạể 6. ấểạẰỮ 7. ấểạể eight. ấẦẝẰỮ nine. ấẳẰỮ 10. ấỆẟẰỮ eleven. ấịẰỮ 12. ấỈảẰỮ day-by-day Expressions (page 89) DOWN 1. ẴỚộẶỮ 2. ẮỮỆẼỊ four. ấậỮẨỂẴẦ five. ấởẴỚễẰẟ 6. ắỜỮễẰẟ 10.

Nyo ỆỢᴾ ỆỠᴾ ụỠᴾ ẼỠ three. myu ỚỠᴾ ỚỢᴾ ỚỞᴾ ẼỠ three. nyu ỆỠᴾ ỆỞᴾ ỆỢᴾ ụỠ four. bya ỏỞᴾ ọỞᴾ ỎỞᴾ ỎỢ four. hya ọỠᴾ ỚỠᴾ ụỠᴾ ọỞ five. gyu ẩỞᴾ ẨỠᴾ five. myo ỚỞᴾ ụỢᴾ 6. nya ỆỠᴾ ỆỞᴾ ụỞᴾ ỆỢ 6. byu ỎỠᴾ ỏỠᴾ ọỠᴾ ẨỠ 7. rya ụỞᴾ ỆỢᴾ ụỠᴾ ụỢ 7. ryo ụỞᴾ eight. pyu ỏỞᴾ ọỠᴾ ỏỢᴾ ỏỠ eight. hyu ỏỠᴾ ọỞᴾ ỎỠᴾ ọỠ nine. jo ẳỞᴾ nine. chu ẼỞᴾ ẲỠᴾ ẼỠᴾ ẲỞ ẲỢᴾ 10. kya ẩỞᴾ ẨỠᴾ eleven. hyo ẨỢᴾ ẩỠ ẳỢᴾ ẳỠ ẨỢᴾ ẨỞ ụỢᴾ ỚỢᴾ ẼỢ ỏỢᴾ ụỠ 10. ja ẲỞᴾ ẳỞᴾ ẲỠᴾ ẳỠ ọỠᴾ ọỢᴾ ỏỢᴾ ỎỢ eleven. cha ẲỞᴾ ẼỠᴾ ẼỞᴾ ẼỢ 12. pyo ọỢᴾ ỏỢᴾ ỎỢᴾ ỏỠ 12. ryu ụỠᴾ thirteen. kyu ẨỞᴾ ẩỠᴾ ẨỠᴾ ẨỢ thirteen.

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