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Mark Thomas Presents: The People's Manifesto

By Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas has been traveling the UK for months, getting audiences to come back up with regulations geared toward checking out the country's political chaos and taking again the ability for the folk. in poor health to demise of bailing out bankers and subsidizing MPs houses, the viewers vote at the most sensible coverage of the evening to be incorporated within the fresh People's Manifesto. From the inspiring to the downright hilarious, you are going to ask yourself why those marvelous rules should not a part of their structure already. for instance: all politicians could be compelled to put on the names and symbols of the corporations sponsoring them or with whom they've got monetary hyperlinks; somebody who helps identification playing cards is banned from having curtains; all versions must be picked at random from the electoral check in; a person came across to blame of homophobic hate crime has to serve their sentence in drag; and, CEOs convicted of fraud should be made to decorate as pirates in no matter what activity they get sooner or later. The People's Manifesto will define 50 guidelines of the manifesto shouted out in daring variety on a web page to themselves with Mark's statement contrary. Mark has even "road established" a few of them—like webhosting a celebration in an MP's moment domestic (which essentially belongs to the taxpayer) and getting collage boffins to determine a fashion of SAT trying out MPs to rank them through worth. And Mark's guerrilla antics will not finish there...Power to the folk is actually happening.

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Re-evaluate! you'll be staring down the barrel of an Uzi whereas a blue-rinse trills, ‘I don’t fucking imagine so, sweetie. ’ nutrients on Wheels, you larger up your video game: anyone desires venison with a cranberry and port aid – supply it them or leaden demise will come at you from lower than a tartan trip rug speedier than you could say ‘Bugger me with a Countdown dictionary’. those eventualities have a lot to suggest them however the genuine cause to arm pensioners is nation pension for a unmarried aged individual is £95.

25 THERE can be AN AGE OF CONSENT FOR faith ALL RELIGIONS ARE basically cults with various levels of historic peer approval – the Church of britain has Henry VIII, Catholics have St Augustine and the Scientologists have Tom Cruise. you could costume non secular brainwashing up as spirituality or tradition however it continues to be brainwashing. okay, it will probably educate you the way to appear alert whilst terminally bored and the way to be pondering something and chanting one other, either necessary talents for a occupation in industry study.

38 what is going to a £1,000 price ticket warrantly? it's going to ensure that you don’t subscribe to the remainder of us status in a hall that is thick with the odor of piss and shit. i will be able to truthfully say i've been in refugee camps in Africa with greater sanitation. Splintering the community has made our railways the most costly in Europe. the cause of overcrowding is monetary. Privatisation separated the rolling inventory (carriages) from the educate operators, so the teach operator now has to hire the carriages; they earn more money by means of renting fewer carriages and cramming us into smaller areas.

Yet eventually brainwashing via a cult is unacceptable because it can result in a Channel four documentary. If adults are looking to think that the area used to be made in a celestial microwave powered via a divine house acorn, they've got the fitting to take action. in the event that they are looking to worship the acorn, pray to it and put on a golden acorn round their necks, that too is ok. yet telling a toddler that except they persist with the Acorn ideas they'll spend eternity being buried and dug up via demon squirrels isn't. This coverage goals to stability the rights of spiritual freedom and the rights of the kid by way of environment an age restrict on faith.

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