Men at Arms (Discworld)

By Terry Pratchett

Corporal Carrot has been promoted! He’s now in control of the recent recruits guarding Ankh-Morpork, Discworld’s maximum urban, from Barbarian Tribes, Miscellaneous Marauders, unlicensed Thieves, and such. It’s an immense activity, relatively for an followed dwarf. yet a bigger task awaits. An historic record has simply printed that Ankh-Morpork, governed for many years via Disorganized crime, has a mystery sovereign! And his identify is Carrot . . .

And so starts the main striking epic come upon of all time, or not less than all afternoon, during which the destiny of a city—indeed of the universe itself!—depends on a tender man’s braveness, an historical sword’s magic, and a three-legged poodle’s bladder.

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7 along with, just about all canines don’t speak. Ones that do are purely a statistical mistakes, and will for that reason be missed. notwithstanding, Gaspode had came upon he did are likely to get heard on a unconscious point. in simple terms the day past an individual had absent-mindedly kicked him into the gutter and had long gone a number of steps ahead of they abruptly concept: I’m a bastard, what am I? ‘There is anything up there,’ acknowledged Carrot. ‘Look … whatever blue, placing off that gargoyle. ’ ‘Woof woof, woof! might you credits it? ’ Vimes stood on Carrot’s shoulders and walked his hand up the wall, however the little blue strip was once nonetheless out of achieve.

It used to be simply what he’d consistently performed. He thought of his badge within the similar method he considered his nostril. He didn’t like it or hate it. It was once simply his badge. ‘So simply you run alongside. It’ll be incredible enjoyable. have you ever received a handkerchief? ’ Vimes panicked. ‘What? ’ ‘Give it to me. ’ She held it as regards to his mouth. ‘Spit …’ she commanded. She dabbed at a smudge on his cheek. one of many Interchangeable Emmas gave a laugh that used to be simply audible. girl Ramkin overlooked it. ‘There,’she stated. ‘That’s larger. Now off you pass and retain the streets secure for we all.

Don’t see why we can’t enable ’em struggle it out among themselves after which arrest the losers,’ acknowledged Corporal Nobbs. ‘That’s what we regularly used to do. ’ ‘The Patrician will get relatively shirty approximately ethnic trouble,’ stated Sergeant Colon moodily. ‘He will get fairly sarcastic approximately it. ’ A notion struck him. He brightened up somewhat. ‘Got any principles, Carrot? ’ he acknowledged. A moment notion struck him. Carrot was once an easy lad. ‘Corporal Carrot? ’ ‘Sarge? ’ ‘Sort this lot out, will you? ’ Carrot peered round the nook on the advancing partitions of trolls and dwarfs.

It ruled part town. at the back of him, the mattress went glink. ‘I imagine there’s going to be—’ he started, and became. As he grew to become away, he neglected the flicker of moonlight on steel from the pinnacle of the tower. Sergeant Colon sat at the bench outdoor the baking air of the Watch apartment. there has been a hammering noise from someplace inside of. Cuddy had are available ten mins sooner than with a bag of instruments, a few helmets and a decided expression. Colon used to be damned if he knew what the little satan used to be engaged on. He counted back, very slowly, ticking off names on his clipboard.

They grew to become as a determine sprinted out of a tavern and hared away up the road, heavily – at the very least for a couple of steps – by way of a fats guy in an apron. ‘Stop! cease! Unlicensed thief! ’ ‘Ah,’ stated Carrot. He crossed the line, with Angua padding alongside in the back of him, because the fats guy slowed to a waddle. ‘’Morning, Mr Flannel,’ he acknowledged. ‘Bit of difficulty? ’ ‘He took seven funds and that i by no means observed no Thief Licence! ’ acknowledged Mr Flannel. ‘What you going to do approximately it? I pay my taxes! ’ ‘We will be hotly in pursuit any moment,’ stated Carrot evenly, doing away with his workstation.

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