The Bacterionomicon

By Nerdcore Medical

What's the Bacterionomicon?

The Bacterionomicon is an artbook bestiary, with entries for forty-one “Lords of Pestilence” (infectious micro organism) and 27 “Apothecary Healers” (antibiotics).

It’s a derivative from, and growth of, a card video game known as “Healing Blade: Infectious disorder Card Battle” – yet you don’t have to have performed the sport to benefit from the book!

Who is that this publication for?

• somebody attracted to technological know-how OR medication. studying is better whilst it’s enjoyable! Paging via this publication provides tale, drama, and accessibility to the a bit of overwhelming fields of microbiology, pathology, and pharmacology.

• scientific AND NURSING scholars. learn, research, research: It’s all you do! Take a holiday and web page via this cool ebook. bet what! You’re nonetheless learning. The mnemonic units during this ebook can help drill these things into your brain.

• doctors. remain sharp! something is helping, and The Bacterionomicon will remove darkness from another elements of your mind and provides you a few artistic mnemonic units. Plus, it’s cool to acknowledge all of the little medical proof embedded in those characters.

• RPG lovers. an excellent addition to any gamer’s choice of beasts and heroes. Make a crusade that travels via a metaphorical human physique, ridding the land of evil pests, utilizing proposal from this book!

• delusion paintings creditors. a gorgeous coffee-table e-book to rival the other. positioned away the exobiology e-book for your time and dazzle them with a few super-nerdy clinical fantasy.

• WAITERS WITH asymmetric TABLES. have you ever run out of shims in your wobbly tables? Tear out a couple of pages from this e-book – good day wait, don’t do th – c’mon, we labored not easy on that!

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Thrush, Jabread, Jack Magat, Jack Osborne, Jackson Walsh, Jacob Brownlee, Jacob D. Adamo, Jacob Marcek, Jacob Randolph, Jacob Riddle, Jacob Shaw, Jacob Trewe, one hundred thirty E-J Jacqland, Jacqueline Liu, Jade Soser, jair bowne, James Adams, James B Lynch, James Bruland, James Dagro, James castle, James Holdridge, James Honeycutt, James Humble, James Kilbride, James turbines, James Moon, James Mullins, James Neilson, James Norman, James Roberts, James Slade, James Small, James solar, James Tsatsaronis, James Walker, Jameson Carbary, Jameston Konopka, Jamie Davies, Jamie Felberg, Jamie McConnell, JamisonThing, Jan Å , Jana Grcevich, Jana Worrall, Jane Slade, Janet Oblinger, Jann Sy, Jared Heifetz, Jared Tee, Jarrod Flinn, Jason Andrew Mullikin, Jason Broadley, jason brower, Jason Butler, Jason Caird, Jason Deadmond, Jason Devine, Jason Flanders, Jason Goldberg, Jason Hunt, Jason LaRue, Jason P.

25 Enterococcus faecalis Alias: Colonic Demon Nemesis: Ampicillin Affinities: vegetation, mammals, birds, flies, infirmaries, feces previously believed to be a Streptococcus Lord. frequently peaceable. Can train adaptive defenses to others of the Stained Legion. Burning biofilm (spread via touch), contaminate, surprise Adaptive defenses, live to tell the tale with no oxygen, suffer harsh stipulations, impervious to weapons/chemicals those fiery marsh demons are as mercurial as they're robust, behaving like disinterested immortals who sometimes meddle in human affairs, maybe out of sheer boredom.

Typhi’s arrival in Soma used to be fast famous as a crushing blow to the Defenders’ and the Apothecaries’ valiant efforts to maintain peace within the land. simply because few Shigella species are in a position to touring all alone, they make the most of Soma’s cellular creatures through hitchhiking and hijacking. They drug their locomotors, and strength the blameless animals to hold them to new and uncharted territories, the place they could commence the nightmare of an infection another time. S. typhi invade essentially via Buccal Bay, occasionally additionally sending armies aerially to Respiro wooded area.

Moran, Tabitha Grace Smith, Tad Bumcrot, Talae, Tamara Kraft, Tamir Buchshtav, Tammy Hepler, Tammy Wu, Tamsyn Kennedy, Tania Joyce, Tanya N. Kutasz, Tarrant McKenzie, Taryn Taschereau, Taylor LaBresh, Taylor Poole, Taylor S Nichols, Teena, Terence Tan, Terra, Terry Goosey, Terry Spurling, Teurastaja, Thalles de Mello, Thang Nguyen, The motion Mill, Theo Gravity, theo kruger, Theresa Phan, Thes Hunter, TheTygre, Thijs Miedema, Thom Herbst, Thomas Brekke, Thomas Franz, Thomas Genese, Thomas Moulia, Thomas Perry, Thomas Provoost, Thomas S Darragh, Thomas Shiels, thompgc, Thorne & Erin Lawler, Tiago Grohmann Pereira, Tien Yao Chang, Tiffany Bradford-Oldham, Tiffany Ferentini, Tiffany Fox, Tiffany Ngan, Tim Heath, Tim Logan, Tim Schmick, Tim Ueckerseifer, Tim Watkins, Timothy Brinded, Timothy Griffin, Timothy Herbig, Timothy James Spencer, Timothy Kubista, Timothy Magee, Tina Bopp, tkuai, Todd Carrozzi, Todd Crow, Todd L.

Mom of the nice Amoxicillin, many say she remains to be even fiercer than her son. She has additionally confirmed herself extra agile than extended family elder Penicillin, together with her aerodynamic armor that permits her to successfully penetrate to the guts of conflict. just like the remainder of her kinfolk, she kills Pestilence brokers by way of blockading their skill to develop and regenerate their armor, and is efficacious opposed to infections within the channel to the Southern Coast. She is also deployed to dispatch the likes of Haemophilus influenzae, Salmonella, and Listeria, even supposing her charms have grown outdated on many Lords, who've realized to withstand her seduction.

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