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The Book of Ninja: The First Complete Translation of the Bansenshukai Japan's Premier Ninja Manual

By Antony Cummins, Yoshie Minami

The first entire translation of the final word ninjutsu handbook the Bansenshukai, The ebook of Ninja presents a completely entire consultant to the traditional arts of the ninja

Born within the post-civil warfare period of Japan, a ninja referred to as Fujibayashi gathered and mixed details from the ninja clans of Iga – seemed to be the native land of the ninja – and compiled it into an authoritative e-book. referred to as the Bansenshukai, this publication has now been translated into English by way of the old Ninjutsu learn group, that's headed via the authors Antony Cummins and Yoshie Minami.

Adding to the combination for the spycraft lover, there are sections on shooting criminals, acting evening raids, making mystery codes and indicators, or even ideas for predicting the elements utilizing an esoteric Buddhist process of divination.

The publication of Ninja will attract historians, martial arts fans, the company group and a person with an curiosity in struggle, procedure and espionage, and encompasses a foreword from Dr Nakashima Atsumi, a popular collector, writer and researcher of medieval ninja tradition.

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