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The Brown-Driver-Briggs-Gesenius Hebrew and English Lexicon

By Francis Brown, S. R. Driver, Charles A. Briggs, William Gesenius

A well retypeset variation of the B-D-B. contains Strong's concordance numbers. Will dynamically hyperlink to the Tanakh ('Jewish Bible'/'Old Testament') from this writer, which are chanced on right here: https://bibliotik.me/torrents/328172

Publisher's description

This is the main actual and whole digital variation of The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon (BDB) in life. it's the merely digital variation that comprises not just the entire components of the broadcast unique 1906 variation, together with all circumstances of the cognate Semitic languages, but in addition its pagination. accordingly it may be simply used with different indexes and reference works which were released to date.

Varda Books' version can also be the best to take advantage of, and the main trouble-free version of BDB in any structure, be it print or digital. the broadcast e-book metaphor has been retained in full--down to each web page, paragraph, and glyph. On best of it, considering there's no complex software program to benefit, you recognize easy methods to use the digital edition.

Although there are extra updated dictionaries (especially with reference to using Ugaritic and Akkadian), none is as thorough as BDB in its cautious examining of the Bible. ". . . essentially a concordance," notes Prof. Jeffery Tigay, “[BDB] is especially acute in its therapy of semantic nuances and may warn you to nuances you by no means suspected."

Since it first seemed within the early a part of the 20th century, BDB has been thought of the best and so much finished Hebrew lexicon to be had to the English-speaking scholar. BDB provides not just dictionary definitions for every notice, yet relates every one observe to its utilization within the Hebrew Bible and categorizes its nuanced meanings.

Exhaustive insurance of Hebrew phrases, its unprecedented utilization of cognate languages and the wealth of heritage assets consulted and quoted, has made BDB the main urged source for all scholars of the Bible.

But it's not just Bible scholars who can profit via consulting it: a person heavily engaged within the research of Hebrew can profit in addition. not like so much different dictionaries, BDB lists phrases through their roots instead of in alphabetical order and in every one case offers the complete variety of biblical usages. this is the reason, while you're attempting to hint a word's etymology in post-biblical or sleek Hebrew utilization, you'd do good to refer to BDB as well.

With beneficiant permission of Hendrickson Publishers, Varda Books has extra Strong's Concordance numbers to let even people with minimum wisdom of Hebrew with the intention to use this Lexicon very easily. using Strong's numbers makes this variation specifically effortless and permits the reader to simply search for the which means of virtually any be aware within the Hebrew Bible it doesn't matter what point of language abilities you have.

Adding to its usefulness, this digital version of BDB has been programmed to paintings both as a stand-alone e-book or interactively with Varda Books' digital version of The JPS Hebrew-English Tanakh (Scholar PDF), which might be bought individually. Now, via easily clicking on anybody of 186,734 biblical reference in BDB, you'll entry the BHS-based authoritative variation of the Hebrew textual content of Tanakh with renown JPS English translation correct subsequent to it.


Our version of BDB keeps all the published original's important positive aspects whereas including the performance that includes using desktops. Varda Books has:

  • Retained published booklet metaphor. . .
  • so you usually understand the place you're within the book

  • Preserved unique pagination . . .
  • to allow you to proceed utilizing different already released first-class biblical learn instruments, which check with BDB via its web page number

  • no longer passed over any of the unique textual content . . .
  • so you recognize that you simply use the main authoritative variation attainable, but the textual content has been additionally absolutely corrected and up to date with all adjustments famous within the addenda et. corrigenda within the print edition

  • extra Strong's numbering procedure . . .
  • to let you extend drastically your figuring out of the biblical textual content past what's often approved through a translation, no matter if your wisdom of Hebrew is minimum,

  • Appended the Index of all Hebrew phrases in BDB. . .
  • to allow you to locate fast anywhere in Lexicon

  • Hyperlinked BDB with JPS Hebrew-English Tanakh (Scholar PDF) . . .
  • so for those who bought it, you could click any biblical references in BDB and immediately see the Hebrew textual content of the biblical resource, positioned subsequent to well known JPS English translation

    Source: Publisher's on-line portal.

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    M ot ibdt rp[m] CISi, a hundred sixty five, eleven & p. 232 f. birds of enclosure (domestic fowls) or of wing)—abs. i³D Gn 28 + three t. ; cstr. identification. Gn 215 + 19 t. ; c. artwork. i²D©v Gn 29 + nine t. , yet i³D©F l. a. 26; sf. h°B³D Ct 416 fifty one, IB³D Ct 416 sixty two; Pl. oh°B³D Ct 410 + 2 t. —garden as enclosure l. a. 26 (simile); oh°B³D©C ,¤c¤JIH©v Ct 813; cf. Ct 412 (fig. of bride kUg²b i³D; g. of herbs (e²r±h) Dt 1110 1 ok 212; fig. of bride, g. of vegetation, culmination, and spices Ct 416. sixteen fifty one sixty two. 2 cf. ohbd i³h§g©n Ct 415; g. of (king’s) condominium 2 okay 2118 = t²Zªg›i³D 2 okay 2118.

    Je 219 Q°h©k¥t h¦,¨S§j©p tk± « u and that my worry (cometh) no longer unto thee (cf. Jb 3123). —Peculiarly Gn 616 v¨N©t k¤t unto the size of a cubit, and so forth. And metaph. within the word kh°D(›h¥k¡t)›k¤t unto exultation =Ho 911 Jb 322. as soon as, quite (si vera l. ) = even: Jb fifty five Uv¥j¨E°h oh°B¦M¦n›k¤t±u or even out of thorns he taketh it. occasionally pregnant, as Is 6617 Je 417 k¤t v²b²z devote whoredom (by going) to Nu 251 Ez 1626. 28. 29; k¤t J©r¨S search (by resorting) to at least one (sc. for oracles) Dt 1811 Is 819 1110 +; r©c¨j k¤t subscribe to jointly (& come) unto Gn 143; oh¦F§J¦v k¤t upward push early (and move) to 1927; 2411 k¤t Qh¦r§c¦v made to kneel down at; 4718 k¤t o©T i.

    Hcv); cf. v5 (del. Co);—Sm refers v1 to enclosing wall, vid. a. 2995 =k¥t±b§c³h n. pr. loc. (Ēl causeth to construct, cf. uvhbc, v®b§c‹h)—1. city in Judah Jos 1511 (GL ’Ιαβνηλ) = v®b§c³h (q. v. ) 2 Ch 266; = Gk. Iamnia, mod. Yebna Bd good friend 161. 2. city in Naphtali Jos 1933. 2996 =v®b§c³h n. pr. loc. (he causeth to construct) a Philistine urban 2 Ch 266 GL ’Ιαβνη (Β ’Αβ@ννηρ) cf. ’Ι@μvαθ GL Jos 1546 (A ’Ι@μναι); = k¥t±b§c³h 1, q. v. 2997 =I. v²h±b§c°h n. pr. m. (Yah buildeth up, cf. uvhbc) a Benjamite 1 Ch nine 8a G Βανααμ, GL’Ι@βναα. 2998 =II.

    Je 626 (|| oh¦rUr§n©T s©P§x¦n); Gn 5011. eleven (|| hIt woe! ). Prob. resembling Syr. unfortunately . . . fifty three Je 167 cf. 2 S 193 wt v‫ש‬g Ez 2417 (v. Co) sq. §k ! playstation (AW Ges much less prob. as a subst. want Gn 5010 (v. additionally II. k¥c¨t advert fin. ); for calamity, from v¨c¨t, cf. iI§c¤t). BD Ez. x, Pr seventy five Est forty three 922 (|| iId²h; contr. cIy oIh) Jb 3081 (|| kue jct (Dl comp. As. [abâhu], torohfc) Is 6020 613 (where appar. = mourning ment, yet dub. ) 24 clothing, sq. v¨K¦v§, v¥y…g‹n, v. additionally Bi Che on txt. ; 19 [j¨j§c¦t] n. f. cstr. c¤r¤v ,©v§c¦t Ez 21 ; Dl, as || v¨v¥F ©jUr; coutr.

    Fraction, part, i. e. half-shekel, 132 132b, final line and foll. , learn: ‘in lat. of Shiloh; N. border of Amorites, Nu 2124 (v. Di), Ju 1122; in its top path it runs S. to N. , for this reason ech a weight; Ik¨e§J¦n g©e¤C Gn 2422, of. Hesychius in Lag Ges. Abh. 199, l. 18 βακαίον [Lag βNκαον] μNτρον τι; v. additionally g©e¤C Ex 3826 (= k¤e‫שּׁ‬ ¤ ©v ,h¦m£j©n). 1237 =v¨g§e¦C n. f. valley (cleft), plain—abs. wc Gn 112 + eight t. ; cstr. ,©g§e¦C Dt 343 +7 t. ; pl. ,Ig¨e§C Is 4118 ψ 1048; ,»g¨e§C Dt 1111;—1. valley (opp. r©v mountain) Dt 87 1111 cf.

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