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The Complete Books of Charles Fort: The Book of the Damned / Lo! / Wild Talents / New Lands

By Charles Fort

"Did beings from outer area stopover at earth long ago … are a few of the items obvious within the sky evidences in their visits?
What is the reason of falls of frogs, falls of fishes, falls of seagulls, which were recorded from time to time?
How will we account for all of the inexplicable astronomical observations which were made within the past?
How do we resolution reviews of wierd animals, disappearances of guys from open sight, curious constructions within the snow, skills like teleportation and telekinesis?"
These are the "damned," during which the past due Charles Ford intended all of the wide selection of mysteries which are overlooked through orthodox technology or defined away improperly.
He labored for 27 years on the British Museum and the hot York Public Library amassing fabric on phenomena from the borderlands among technology and myth. His study seemed in 4 books: The booklet of the Damned, New Lands, Lo!, and Wild Talents.
In those 4 volumes fortress geared up and commented on a wild host of phenomena: alien craft obvious within the sky prior to the discovery of plane, flying wheels, unusual noises within the sky; correlations among volcanic job and atmospheric phenomena; falls of purple snow; falls of frogs, fishes, worms, shells, jellies; discovering of "thunderbolts"; discrepancies within the schedules of comets, sightings on Mars and the moon; infra-Mercurian planets; inexplicable footprints in snowfields; flat earth phenomena, disruptions of gravity; poltergeist phenomena; stigmata; surviving fossil animals; the Jersey satan; Kaspar Hauser; spontaneous combustion; and comparable bizarre effects.
While Charles Ford by no means really defined the phenomena, past making imprecise tricks of an natural universe and neo-Hegelianism, over the years his following has grown. initially his paintings was once picked up by means of literary males similar to Theodore Dreiser, sales space Tarkington, Clarence Darrow, Havelock Ellis, and Oliver Wendell Holmes. Later, "Fortean subject matters" motivated the improvement of technology fiction, and this present day his paintings continues to be the nice predecessor to all extraterrestrial speculations.

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Grays and Prof. Hitchcocks have changed our trustfulness towards indistinguishability. As to the perfection of the program that quasi-opposes us and the infallibility of its mathematics—as if there may be genuine arithmetic in a method of seeming the place two times should not four—we've been advised again and again in their vindication within the discovery of Neptune. i am afraid that the direction we are taking will prove like several different improvement. We all started humbly, admitting that we are of the damned— yet our eyebrows— only a faint flicker in them, or in a single of them, at any time when we listen of the "triumphal discovery of Neptune"—this "monumental fulfillment of theoretical astronomy," because the text-books name it.

21 and Nov. 20 -- swarms of hummingbird hawkmoths. (53) As defined in Sci. Gos. , 1869-273, there has been, at Conway, "the great sight" -- a flock of hummingbird hawkmoths and several other species of butterflies. (54) Clouds of bugs seemed in Battersea Park, London, soaring over bushes, in volumes so thick that folks suggestion the timber were set afire (Field, June four, 1870). (55) An invasion at Tiverton, probably coming with the spiders, "a marvellous swarm of black flies" made its headquarters upon town corridor, masking the construction, turning it darkish within, by way of settling upon the window glass (Tiverton instances, Oct.

H. Chaplin, of Ohio collage, writes that, within the city of Akron, Ohio -- approximately whereas water was once falling upon a tree in Oklahoma -- there have been a continuing fall of water, in the course of a succession of transparent days. (10) contributors of the college of Ohio collage investigated, yet have been not able to resolve the matter. there has been a distinct and chronic appearing-point from which to a small region close to a brickyard, water was once falling. Mr. Chaplin, who had most likely by no means heard of comparable occurrences faraway from damp areas, notion that vapors from this brickyard have been emerging, and condensing, and falling again.

Introduced that this gentle were a lamp in his "secret a‘roplane," and that upon tonight he had travelled, in acknowledged "secret a‘roplane," from Boston to long island, and again to Boston. at the moment the longest recorded flight, in an a‘roplane, used to be Farman's, of 111 miles, from Rheims, August, 1909; and, within the usa, in accordance with files, it was once now not until eventually may possibly 29, 1910, that Curtiss flew from Albany to manhattan urban, making one cease within the a hundred and fifty miles, although. So this unrecorded flight made a few stir within the newspapers.

See L'Année Scientifique, 1876-322. (24) during this example, the darkened sky on the time of the earthquake used to be defined, since it was once discovered that either phenomena have been results of an eruption of the volcano Carobucuco. there were unmysterious showers of meteors, or of fireballs that appeared like meteors, from time to time of earthquakes. there have been eruptions upon this earth, and the fireballs, or meteors, got here from them. there have been specifically wonderful showers of volcanic bombs that seemed like meteors, or that have been meteors, in the course of the eruptions in Java, Aug.

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