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The Elements of Theology: A Revised Text with Translation, Introduction, and Commentary (Clarendon Paperbacks)

By Proclus

Proclus' Elements of Theology is a concise summa of the Neoplatonic procedure in its absolutely constructed shape; and for the coed of overdue Greek concept, moment in value in simple terms to the Enneads of Plotinus. Dodds has supplied a serious textual content in line with a private exam of a few 40 manuscripts, including an English translation and a philosophical and linguistic remark. This moment variation comprises an Appendix of Addenda et corrigenda and remains to be generally appeared and revered because the definitive version of the textual content today.

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1"". dett. , edd. 30 eleven] ~ Gco 20-34 10cus nimis pltnus: quae uncini~ inclusi e margine illata om. 'γΑρ ΜΙ 25 PROCLUS THE PLATONIC SUCCESSOR the weather OF THEOLOGY. A. OF the only AND the numerous. PROP. 1. each manifold not directly participates 1 team spirit. For think a manifold on no account engaging cohesion. Neither this manifold as a complete nor any of its a number of elements should be one j every one half will itself be a manifold of components, and in an effort to infinity; and of this infinity of elements every one, once again, will De infinitely manifold; for a manifold which by no means participates any team spirit, neither as an entire nor in admire of its elements severally, wili be endless in each approach and in appreciate of each half.

Sixty four. each etenzity is a degree PROP. sixty six. Of th;,zgs which exist in time, a few have a perpetual length, when others have a dated lifestyles ifl part of time. For if all procession is thru likeness (prop. 29), and the 1st time period of any sequence is straight away succeeded by means of phrases that are love it instead of not like, the absolutely not like having a reduce station (prop. 28); and whether it is most unlikely to connect on to the eternals issues which come-to-be in part of time (since the latter are doubly extraordinary from the previous, either as issues in procedure from issues that are and as dated from perpetual existences), in order that there has to be an intermediate order which resembles the eternals in a single recognize yet differs from them within the different: then the suggest among issues which come-to-be for a time and issues which endlessly are is both that which endlessly comes·to-be or that that is for a time.

I_ 307. 14 11'. esp. 308. 17; unwell. 2! jL 21. eight n. PI. I. (xxvi. ) sixty three. e ibid_ eleven. vi. ninety six. advent XXlIl , symbols' which live in sure stones, herbs and animals. 1 it really is real that he's keen on introducing into his descriptions of ' theurgic union' Plotinian tags resembling P. OVO! ; p. ovfJJ UVV(LVat; yet what for Plotinus used to be the residing utterance of expertise seems for him literary culture. it's major that Marinus by no means claims for his hero that he loved direct union with God, as Plotinus and on one get together Porphyry had performed: as a substitute he tells us that he was once knowledgeable in weather-magic and within the means of evocation, and that whereas practicing 'the Chaldaean purifications' he was once vouchsafed own visions of luminous phantoms despatched by way of Hecate.

Zeitschr. VIII [1899J l63 fr. ), which don't need to be recapitulated the following, appear to me decisive. extra arguments opposed to D. 's view are the next: (a) the confusion of dates during which Origen is expounded to have derived his heretical doctrine of ..... OK.. T4. ,. T.... 1f from the El. Th. CA,,411T. p. fifty seven) is definitely most unlikely for a author nearly Proclus' modern; (b) 'A"rJ.... T. p. 187 &is I" TOU ". pl ilpou ... lI... ,. 6T. po" ';'/10;" 1iIfUt

Pr? p. 141 . "clpfaT,,,, OaTII11 flCdJlll. JJI AlI'o'\au... "I "~TO" poy Kal p. q (cOIeEP if TO "Ol/TO" aUTOU •. • E~ ci. v. :i,. IC'7J in poor health -rr;; )lOEC" tXE' "p¥ "pow Ii' . xxiv. III wp6olio, ' .... "6"TW" TW" "POTtpuW •.. 'YCtlO"Ta •. , xxxi~i. § 2. ol}rll. JS «UTOV 411"oA40'" c! ts car "'I/>U/cE". XXIl advent rules pointed out above as having been constructed by way of lamblichus. time and again within the E! ement~ Proc1us justifies his multiplication of entities, like lamblichus within the comparable circumstances,' by means of connection with the C legislations of suggest phrases " viz.

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