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The Hive: Star Wars Legends (Short Story) (Star Wars - Legends)

By Steven Barnes

BONUS: This brief tale positive aspects an particular writer interview—plus an excerpt from Steven Barnes’ Star Wars novel, The Cestus Deception.


Dispatched as a Republic envoy to the Outer Rim planet Ord Cestus—in a bid to halt the sale of probably lethal “bio-droids” to the Confederacy—Obi-Wan Kenobi reveals himself enlisted in a challenge extra determined, and unsafe, than diplomatic. The as soon as self-contained international has lengthy when you consider that been co-opted by way of unscrupulous offworlders, whose plunder of an essential common source has enabled the increase of a strong company that controls the economic climate. Ord Cestus’s local inhabitants, the X’Ting, are actually mere second-class voters of their personal society.

input the Jedi Knight, with information felony technicality has became the tables—and the corrupt forces with a stranglehold on Ord Cestus are now on the mercy of the X’Ting. situations, notwithstanding, are extra dire than the Republic suspected.

within the wake of a devastating plague, the X’Ting’s benevolent rulers are useless, and the as soon as tightly knit race has splintered into fighting factions. Reunification can merely include the increase of recent royals, whom all X’Ting are sure by means of blood to serve. however the eggs that would spawn these sovereigns lie out of achieve, secured in a mystery chamber and booby-trapped by way of these whose wisdom died with them within the plague. Now, to salvage a people’s future, Obi-Wan will danger a veritable descent into hell: braving the unknown horrors within the forgotten depths of an alien global, on a dangerous quest from which none who went ahead of have ever again.

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Quite a few meters up the ramp used to be the door that will take them again to the most hive. A droid mechanism had barred the door. almost certainly, an identical booby seize had prompted the deadfall. “I imagine my query is answered,” Jesson stated in the back of Obi-Wan, voice deep and respectful. “What query is that? ” Obi-Wan requested, triggering his lightsaber’s strength beam. He tested the door extra heavily, judging the simplest perspective for the preliminary minimize. “Look. Please,” Jesson stated. Obi-Wan circled, permitting his eyes to keep on with Jesson’s beam of sunshine.

Then they have been below assault. Jesson dropped his lamp nearly without delay, and even though it didn’t extinguish on hitting the floor, the sunshine it gave used to be slanted and partial. the glint of Obi-Wan’s lightsaber used to be extra great, expanding with the hum and flash whilst he met an opponent’s weapon or physique. those have been X’Ting—the Jedi used to be convinced of that—but X’Ting of a special type than these he had visible earlier. those weren't really good for wrestle: they have been diggers, employees. The oversize jaws implied that they could were those who produced the chewed substance that characterised the hive.

Obi-Wan prodded. The tech cleared her throat uncomfortably. “Among smugglers and the reduce classes,” she acknowledged, “some name them ‘Jedi Killers. ’ ” “Charming,” he stated, extra to himself than a person else, momentarily too shocked to reply to. Jedi Killer? What was once this obscenity? Beside him, package doffed his cloak, face set in its implacable faded eco-friendly masks. His cranial tendrils, Obi-Wan spotted, have been stressed while his unblinking eyes all in favour of the droid. “What are you doing? ” Obi-Wan requested, realizing the inevitable resolution.

Within the middle used to be a descending stone stairway. Obi-Wan intended that it ended in one other chamber less than them. Jesson crawled throughout the burned gap nimbly and stood, keeping up his glowlight. “You’ve by no means been in right here? ” Obi-Wan requested. “Never. And neither has any dwelling member of the higher hive,” he stated. “I think we're now contained in the greatest statue within the X’Ting corridor of Heroes. ” They started down the steps, delivering a spiral as they descended round a unmarried rock column in the course of a chamber hewn from stone.

Did you try and open it? ” Jesson appeared him with scorn. “Whatever occurred there price the lifetime of a courageous warrior. we won't disrespect him through assuming we will prevail the place he failed. ” “What, then? ” “There is otherwise down, in the course of the previous tunnels. ” The point out of that note quieted the room for an extended second, and back G’Mai Duris raised an objection. “I should still cross. Obi-Wan hazards his lifestyles as a result of me. ” “Later, might be, if you have shifted again to male,” Kosta acknowledged, her emerald eyes flashing with compassion.

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