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The Jewish Bible and the Christian Bible: An Introduction to the History of the Bible

By Julio C. Trebolle Barrera

This wide-ranging guide offers an outline of our present wisdom at the heritage of the Bible, enriched with new details from the invention of the useless Sea Scrolls and scholarship throughout a variety of educational disciplines.

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Three. Stu dy of th e guy uscripts got here to teach th on the Samaritan Pentateuch does no t, as was once believed, contain a «sectarian» Samar itan textual content (apart from mild additions of tha t sort) yet reprod uces one of those textual content identified all through Palestine within the znd cent. B e E, in a miles later peri od than whe n the Samaritan schism was once presupposed to have happened. Stud y of those «p ro toSamari tan» texts has compelled the historical past of the particular Samari tan schism to be re-opened (d . pp. 211-216). forty six Int roduction 4.

D. - WI LSO N , N. G. , Scribes an d students. A advisor to th e Transmission of Greek and Latin Literature, Oxford 1974. PFEI FF E R, R. , H istory of Classical Scholarship. J. From th e Beginnin gs to the tip of the H ellenistic Age, II. From 1300 to 1800, Oxford 1968 and 1976. II G RAN T, R . M . , the varsity of Alexandria and its Philology 141 Ch apter II Collections of Biblical Books. Canonical and Non-Canonical Books «I reflected everthing within the heavenly drugs , I learn what used to be written, I understood everyt hing and skim the ebook approximately all of the deeds of fellows and of the sons of flesh who have been to exist at the eart h till the ultimate iteration» (Ethiopia n Enoc h eighty one, 2).

H andbuch der A libebraiscben Epigraphile, I, IIIt -2 , Darm- zero/ st adt [ 994. SENNER, W . M. , The Origins zero/ Writing , The Universi ty of Nebraska [989 . ULRICH, E. , The Qumran Tex t ojSamuel and ]oseph us, Chico CA 1978 . VAN DER KOOI J, G. , A ram aic Texts from D eir 'A lla, Leiden J nine seventy six. YA RDENr, A. , «T he Palaeo gr aphy o f 4QJer' - A C o m pa rative Stud y », Textus ! four ( [990) 23 three- 268 . Writing within the A ncient international and within the Bible ninety three 3 Written and Oral Transmission 1. difficulties within the TRANSMISSION OF TEXTS within the historic international you will need to have an understanding of the large problems taken with copying a manuscript in precedent days.

322-323) Dictionaries G riechiscb-deutsches Wiirterbuch zu den Sch rijten des Neuen Testaments und der [riibcbristlicben Literature, eds. , Karl and Barbara Aland, Bcrlin long island 1988. lJAU ER. W . , -C ING wealthy, F . W . -DA :\'KER, F. W . , A Greek -English Lexicon of th e New testomony and different Early Christian Literatu re, C hicago-London 1979'. LIDDE l. l. , H . G . -scorr, R . , A Greek-English Lexicon, Oxford 1925-194°', rep rinte d in 1966. los angeles M P E, G . W. H . , (cd. ), A Patristic Greek Lexicon, O xford 1961.

Fr attributed to the 6th im am (G a'far al-Sadiq ). II. SA CR ED LANGU A G E Reli gion and lan gu age are very clos ely rela ted . we will no larger th an re peat the following th e correct paragraph by means of E. Coseriu : one hundred thirty Bible and booklet within the historical global «Th ere also are kin which can't be deni ed wager ween organised faith as an establishment and the formation of universal and literary languages and in addition among reli gion and the upkeep of convinced language s, due to their use within the liturgy.

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