The Judas Brief: Who Really Killed Jesus?

By Gary Greenberg

The Judas Brief demanding situations the basic Gospel idea that a minimum of a few major Jews performed a key function in having Jesus carried out. writer Gary Greenberg presents an in depth exam of all Gospel money owed of opposed interplay among Jesus and the Jews, with specified recognition to the Gospel money owed of the Jewish and Roman trials of Jesus. He then compares those Gospel reviews with the historic facts and reaches a few outstanding and arguable conclusions, together with that: - there has been by no means any equipped Jewish hostility to Jesus - the one major competition got here from Roman experts - Judas was once a detailed best friend of Jesus and represented him in negotiations with the excessive Priest - the excessive Priest attempted to guard Jesus and his fans from a Roman initiated bloodbath - Jesus willingly agreed to give up himself to Pilate as a hostage to insure that his fans remained passive throughout the vacation - Judas and Caiaphas had anticipated that Jesus will be published after the vacation - Pilate broke his note and had Jesus performed - Judas dedicated suicide in grief over the unforeseen demise of Jesus and the position he had performed 'The Judas short' is a accomplished and obviously written account of the numerous Gospel portrayals of interplay among Jesus and the Jews. it could supply smooth Christian students and exegetes with a number of the instruments essential to problem the anti-Semitic reactions that move from the Gospel debts of Jewish hostility to Jesus.

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