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The Mysteries of John the Baptist: His Legacy in Gnosticism, Paganism, and Freemasonry

By Tobias Churton

The quest for the genuine old individual referred to as John the Baptist and the traditions that all started with him

• Explores why John the Baptist is so crucially vital to the Freemasons, who have been initially often called “St. John’s males”

• finds how John and Jesus have been equivalent companions and shared a typical religious imaginative and prescient to rebuild Israel and conquer corruption within the Temple of Jerusalem

• Explains the connections among John as lord of the summer season solstice, his mysterious severed head, fertility rites, and historic Jewish harvest gala's

Few Freemasons at the present time comprehend why the main major date within the Masonic calendar is June 24th--the dinner party of the delivery of St. John the Baptist and the conventional date for appointing Grand Masters. Nor do a lot of them be aware of that Masons was referred to as “St. John’s males” or that John the Baptist used to be primary to the unique Masonic philosophy of private transformation.

Starting with the secret of John in Freemasonry, Tobias Churton searches out the ancient Baptist in the course of the gospels and historic histories, unearthing the genuine tale in the back of the determine lauded via Jesus’s phrases “no larger guy was once ever born of woman.” He investigates John’s hyperlinks with the Essenes and the Gnostics, hyperlinks that flourish to today. Exposing how the apostle Paul challenged John’s following, twisting his message and growing clone of John as “merely” a usher in of Jesus, the writer exhibits how Paul could have been in the back of the executions of either John and Jesus and divulges an actual date for the crucifixion and the superb which means of the word “the 3rd day.” He examines the importance of John’s severed head to holy knights, comparable to the Knights Templar, and of Leonardo’s well-known portray of John. Churton additionally explains connections among John, the summer time solstice, fertility rites, and historic Jewish harvest gala's.

Revealing John as a brave, innovative determine as important to the origins of Christianity as his cousin Jesus himself, Churton exhibits how John and Jesus, as equivalent companions, introduced a covert non secular operation to beat corruption within the Temple of Jerusalem, re-initiate Israel, and resurrect production.

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If Jesus understood the deeper that means of the tale of Elijah, its internal which means, and the way it on the topic of the traditional prophecies of the servant who suffers and is decided at nought, and of the Son of guy who's granted the imaginative and prescient of the dignity, then we could be certain that John understood this stuff too, and, we will also say, confirmed Jesus the way in which. yet this was once no longer as “herald” within the orthodox feel yet as grasp of ceremonies, brother-guide, psychopomp, exemplar. whereas we will be able to see that this most likely historic reality was once no longer applicable to the post-Pauline gloss that we discover within the mainstream remedy of the Gospels, it still has survived in fragments, with one in all which we've been dealing.

The hotel meets at the present time on the impressive George Washington Memorial in Alexandria, an architectural ask yourself paid for via Masonic subscription and modeled at the extra historical ask yourself of the realm, the Pharos, or lighthouse of Alexandria, Egypt. encouraged by means of the concept of a contemporary resort that associated the sunshine of historical Alexandria to the fashionable international and that also venerated the ageold hyperlink among masonry and St. John the Baptist, the subject matter for my proposed tackle got here instantly to brain. wouldn't it be applicable to delve into simply why it was—and is—that the determine of St.

He then proceeded to waste lots of the surviving family members of the Maccabees, together with his personal spouse, Mariamme, and their sons. After that, Jewish claimants to the throne have been, understandably, briefly provide. This history is helping us to appreciate why the hot Covenanters, and plenty of different patriotic Judeans, observed their state and its capital as having been polluted either by means of foreigners and by way of their countrymen who had deserted zedek, righteousness towards one’s fellows, and hesed, piety towards God, in accordance with the legislation, and who massacred the blameless.

He” had continually existed. For a person asserting, “John got here first; Jesus copied him,” John’s Gospel says “No! ” John himself testifies that he didn't rather recognize the one that was once earlier than him, who but got here “after. ” This determine is a cosmic, everlasting precept, ever-present yet unseen; now manifesting in flesh. these looking realizing of the universe have to locate the trademarks inherent within the creation-design, simply as a Taoist seeks the Tao, or as an old Egyptian sought Ma’at: goddess of justice and stability.

He stands between us and we all know him now not. “He” is the voice crying within the barren region. he's the nonetheless small voice that Elijah heard amid the earthquake, wind, and fireplace. He turns into flesh and dwells between us. as long as we are living less than, he'll come from above. John issues the best way. MyJoBa-noborders. indd 124 9/20/12 12:20 PM Chapter 6 Why needs to John Die? many folks are accustomed to the tale of the way John the Baptist’s head got here to be on a blood-soaked platter on the behest of the slimy Salome and the harridan Herodias, the maiden’s malevolent mom.

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