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The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?: Interdimensional Communication and Global Transformation

By Wynn Free

Wynn unfastened explores the impressive parallels among the paintings of David Wilcock and the mythical Edgar Cayce whereas he builds a resounding case that the 2 men shared a similar resource of prophetic details and that Wilcock may possibly certainly be Cayce’s reincarnation. Compiling a few of Wilcock’s such a lot inspirational and life-transforming prophetic assistance from his channeled resource, this publication conveys profound insights into subject matters corresponding to earth adjustments, mystery cabals, soul evolution, death and reincarnation, ascension, crop circles, and the speculation of evolution. Explaining how vigorous raises taking place within the sunlight and planets can have scientifically-measurable, far-reaching results in a couple of geographical regions, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce presents new facts that this strength can transform DNA, most likely making ESP, telekinesis, levitation, and different paranormal activities as universal as respiring and herald the Golden Age promised via each major spiritual culture in human background. Readers will come away with a deeper understanding not just of the existence and paintings of either Wilcock and Cayce, yet with a broader feel of the various forces—seen and unseen—at paintings within the universe today.

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Ra, Ra-Ta, Cayce, Wilcock—A attainable state of affairs ———— all the above resources brings its personal clues to the particular tale of Ra, Ra-Ta, Cayce, and Wilcock and is helping us construct a potential state of affairs to give an explanation for those correspondences as Ra-Ta’s incarnational music in the world. starting 25,000 years in the past, quite a few individuated souls from the Ra staff volunteered to split from the advanced and take an incarnation in the world to try to hurry up humanity’s evolution, with the foreknowledge that they might potentially develop into karmically sure into the reincarnational cycles of the planet.

So back, after we speak about torsion waves, we're easily conversing approximately anything that creates “waves” within the aether, just like the waves at the floor of a lake. Now evidently you can’t eliminate a wave from a lake and feature something left to study—the wave basically exists as a move, a strain present, within the water. equally, torsion waves are easily strain currents relocating in the course of the “sea” of aether strength that's throughout us. finally, if a whirlpool or vortex is created within the aether with adequate rotational velocity, actual topic will emerge, first and foremost as noticeable mild (electromagnetic energy).

Com/scienceastronomy/solarsystem/mars_snow_ 011206-2. html. 59NASA Goddard house Flight heart. Explorers: looking The Universe 40 Years Later. NASA evidence online. URL: http://www. gsfc. nasa. gov/gsfc/service/gallery/fact_sheets/spacesci/ explorers. htm. 60Aleskey Dmitriev, Planetophysical country of the Earth and lifestyles (1997). URL: http://www. tmgnow. com/repository/global/planetophysical. html. 61Ibid. 62John significant Jenkins. Alignment 2012 web site. URL: http://www. alignment2012. com. 63Richard Pasichnyk, The very important Vastness, quantity : The residing Cosmos (2002), Writer’s Showcase/Iuniverse, Inc.

You'll find that during the stillness of brain is the best peace, and also you don't need to meditate to get this, although meditation is a really powerful device. we advise that existence turns into your meditation often, and that you just attempt to take away these assets of psychological scattering that will be so damaging to you. David spotted whereas he used to be operating at this activity that many others within the workplace may hearken to tune via headphones whereas doing their work—and it may be essentially acknowledged that with all this distraction, there's little or no time for the self to have the fullest point of deep-seated suggestion and wisdom essential to take on the main basic matters in the brain and spirit at huge.

The clearer the waters turn into, the extra imbued the cognizance will be with the readability of sunshine and imaginative and prescient commensurate with the better densities, and in basic terms not often noticeable on your personal. You do have a chance to tip your hat to the masters, and technique their greatness via your individual diligence in self-perfection and self-realization in the course of the tools which have been set down long ago. Cannibals can come and cross, and teachings might be cannibalized, however the deeper truths consistently live inside of, and so they stay on your middle, ready to be tapped as a reservoir of capability that exists inside you.

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