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The Rootkit Arsenal: Escape and Evasion in the Dark Corners of the System

By Bill Blunden

Whereas forensic research has confirmed to be a priceless investigative software within the box of laptop protection, using anti-forensic expertise makes it attainable to take care of a covert operational foothold for prolonged classes, even in a high-security setting. Adopting an technique that favors complete disclosure, the up to date moment version of The Rootkit Arsenal offers the main obtainable, well timed, and entire insurance of forensic countermeasures. This ebook covers extra subject matters, in larger intensity, than the other presently on hand. In doing so the writer forges in the course of the murky again alleys of the web, laying off gentle on fabric that has often been poorly documented, in part documented, or deliberately undocumented. the variety of issues provided comprises how one can: -Evade autopsy research -Frustrate makes an attempt to opposite engineer your command & keep watch over modules -Defeat stay incident reaction -Undermine the method of reminiscence research -Modify subsystem internals to feed incorrect information to the surface -Entrench your code in fortified areas of execution -Design and enforce covert channels -Unearth new avenues of assault

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Dullping IVT fran bottan up--eeeeeeee [CS: IP]=[eeA7, 1868] 888488ge [CS: IP]=[ee79, 9188] eee [CS:IP]-[929C,948A] (we'll hook this ISR) 92eceeee [CS:IP]-[eee9,eee9] (we'll set up a ISR right here) after we run the tsr. com software, it's going to run its major regimen and tweak the IVT as a result. we will be capable to see this by way of operating the directory software another time: - - -Dullping IVT fran bottan up- -eeeeeeee [CS: IP]a[eeA7, 1868] 888488ge [CS: IP]-[ee79, 9188] Po rt I I forty three Chapter 2 / Into the Catacombs: IA-32 187 00240000 [CS :IP]=[11F2,9319] (changed to our ISR) 92eceeee [CS:IP]=[11F2,9311] (new ISR put in the following) As we sort in textual content at the command line, the TSR will log it.

Exe caclsENG caclsENG caclsENG caclsENG +h +h +h +h +s +s +s +s +r +r +r +r "c:\System "c:\System "c:\System "c:\System "c:\System "c:\System "c:\System "c:\System quantity quantity quantity quantity quantity quantity quantity quantity info" Information\catalog" Information\catalog\{GUID}" Information\catalog\{GUID}\backup" details" IT IG system:f Administrators:R Information\catalog" IT IG system:f Information\catalog\{GUID}" IT IG system:f Information\catalog\{GUID}\backup" IT IG system:f The calcsENG.

We ended up having to manually edit the registry to take away the dependency entries, delete the LdmSvc sub-key, after which reboot the laptop firstly a fresh slate. On a compromised computing device, we might occasionally see entries that appeared like: C:\>reg question HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\RpcSs HKEY_lOCAl_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\RpcSs DisplayName REG_SZ @oleres. dIl,-se10 crew REG_SZ CCM Infrastructure ImagePath REG_EXPAND_SZ svchost. exe -k rpcss 2 three 6 I Port I http://passwords.

Those DLLs are loaded within the following order: • pshed. dll • bootvid . dll • clfs. sys • ci. dll as soon as those DLLs were loaded, win load . exe scans via all the subkeys within the registry positioned lower than the subsequent key (see determine 3-10): HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services 1281 Port I Chapter three / home windows procedure structure HKEY_CURRENT_USER HKEUOCAl_MACHINE BC[)()()()()()()( COMPON ENTS SAM safety SOFlWARE procedure ConttolSetOOl style info REG_SZ REG_SZ REG_DWORD REG_SZ RE G_EXPAND_SZ REG_DWORD REG_DWORD REG_DWORD (value: now not set) MIcrosoft AC PI Oriver 0>0000000 1 (3) 800t Bus Extender s~ em3l\d rivl!

Sizej printArenaAddress(nextsegment,nextOffset)j (newHeader. address). phase = nextsegmentj (newHeader. address). offset = nextOffsetj newHeader = populateMCB(newHeader. address)j return(newHeader)j If we discover an MCB that we wish to disguise, we easily replace the scale of its predecessor in order that the MCB to be hidden will get left out the following time the MCB chain is traversed. Pa rt I I forty seven Chapter 2 / Into the Catacombs: IA-32 void hideApp(struct MCBHeader oldHdr, struct MCBHeader currentHdr) { observe segmentFix; sizeFix; be aware segmentFix sizeFix (oldHdr.

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