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The Story of God: A Biblical Comedy about Love (and Hate)

"Part Kurt Vonnegut, half Douglas Adams, yet let's be sincere, Matheson had me at 'Based at the Bible.'"  —Dana Gould, comic and author   The Bible deals a few clues to God's personality—he's alternately been known as vindictive and simply, bloodthirsty and worrying, omnipotent and impotent, capricious and foresighted, and loving and hateful. yet nobody has ever absolutely explored why God may be any such determine of contrasts. Nor has somebody ever satisfactorily defined what publications his dating not only with angels, the satan, and his son, but in addition with all of production. may perhaps he be thoroughly misunderstood, a secret even to himself? may his habit and activities towards humankind let us know even more approximately him than it does approximately us? input the brain of the writer of the universe, commute with him in the course of the heavenly highs and hellish lows of his tale, from Genesis to Revelation, to raised comprehend his burdensome trip: being God is not effortless. After listening to his story—at instances troubling and tragic yet constantly hilarious in its absurdity and divine in its comedy—you'll by no means examine a miracle or catastrophe—or at our position within the universe, or God's—the comparable method back.

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Sure, he sought after them to take their land—he’d led them far to take action. yet their laziness and cowardice infuriated him. He might allow them to lose. (Deut. 1:42–44) “Maybe that might educate them,” he advised himself (knowing as he stated it that it can no longer, that not anything might educate them; that they'd by no means ever research. ) God’s humans fought and, precisely as he wanted, misplaced. Moses then spent decades attempting to encourage them to struggle back. “Good luck,” God inspiration, frustrated. “My humans force me crazy,” he instructed a few angels.

While God had first defined his eyeball-monsters to Jesus, his son had checked out him humorous. “We’ll have 4 of them,” God had stated. “One that appears like a cow, one like a lion, one like an eagle, and one like a guy! additionally! they'll have wings! Six wings! ” (Rev. 4:6–7) “The eagle may have wings too, Father? ” “Yes, definite, totally! ” “Six extra wings at the eagle, Father, or six overall? ” “Six extra! 8 overall! Also—I will hide all of them with eyeballs! ” “Eye … ? ” “Eyeballs, Jesus, eyeballs! in every single place them, head to toe.

His comeback was once worthwhile: “Why don’t you cross the entire means and make eunuchs of yourselves? ” (Gal. 5:12) God slapped his thigh with pride whilst he heard that. “Good one, Paul! ” he cheered. One occasion that truly incensed God used to be whilst Paul went to Athens and talked to a few so-called philosophers, who then laughed at him and informed him to depart. (Ac. 17:32) “Time will express that Greek philosophers comprehend not anything! ” God muttered darkly to the angel who was once massaging his shoulders. a couple of hundred years prior to, there has been one other guy who God quite didn’t like.

They only kind of sat there, doing not anything. God determined to fill the water with residing, energetic creatures. He referred to as them “fish. ” He determined to fill the air with flying creatures he known as “birds. ” (Gen. 1:20) God loved birds before everything, yet speedy turned pissed off with their loud, squawky voices. The clever ones, like crows and parrots, quite irked him. “Shut. Up. ” he may locate himself pondering as he listened to them chatter. ahead of lengthy, he will be chuffed to have all birds killed. God proposal the fish have been nice; they didn’t do whatever he disliked.

Moses whispered, sooner than God grabbed him by means of the throat and began to squeeze. “I’m going to kill you, Moses,” he acknowledged among clenched enamel. He slowly throttled Moses, feeling the lifestyles ebb out of him. God hesitated. used to be he rather going to kill Moses, the long run lawgiver, simply because his son nonetheless had a foreskin? definite, he used to be, certainly. Moses’ eyes bugged out, his face was once pink, he was once approximately lifeless. Then God heard frantic footsteps speeding towards him and a woman’s voice screaming “wait, WAIT! ” As God pulled again for a moment and Moses sucked in a determined breath, his spouse, Zipporah, her son in her fingers, rushed among her husband and God.

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