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The Straight Lead: The Core of Bruce Lee's Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do

By Teri Tom

"The directly punch is the middle of Jeet Kune Do."—Bruce Lee

The instantly lead was once a key aspect in Bruce Lee's improvement of his personal own kind. It was once designed to be basic, within your means, and brutally potent yet isn't so simple as it could actually look. Bruce Lee as soon as defined it the main tough circulation within the Jeet Kune Do arsenal.

Lee built JKD as a reaction to the shortcomings he present in conventional martial arts, however it additionally comprises components of Western strive against structures that he came across powerful. It contains contributions starting from Jack Dempsey's method of boxing to the fencing form of Aldo Nadi.

In The instantly Lead: The middle of Bruce Lee's Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, writer Teri Tom describes the improvement of the immediately punch in Western martial arts, and describes Bruce Lee's refinement of the procedure. It additionally deals an intensive guideline within the complexity and tool of the move—showing martial artists of any self-discipline find out how to contain this devastating assault into their repertoire.

With forewords via Shannon Lee Keasler and Ted Wong, chapters include:

  • A short historical past of hetero Punching
  • Evolution of Jeet Kune Do's instantly Lead
  • The Stance
  • Mechanics of the instantly Lead
  • Footwork
  • Why the immediately Lead?
  • Application
  • Speed
  • Variations of the instantly Punch
  • What Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do is Not
  • Go to the Source
  • An Interview with Ted Wong

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Determine eighty five: The immediately continuously wins. right here, Ted Wong’s corkscrew hook (a version of the instantly lead) will land lengthy earlier than my hook will. Dempsey made an analogous argument additionally noting instantly punch from both front or rear hand may beat a punch with an arc. 6, 7 The straight-line argument could be logic, and in Dempsey’s day, this used to be thought of universal wisdom, however it turns out to were forgotten between today’s much less knowledgeable punchers. It isn’t simply the instantly line that makes the lead punch quick.

P. fifty one. 20 Ibid. , p. fifty two. Nadi’s reason for the impossibility of preserving the left foot flat: 20 Ch 02 (11-22):Ch 02 (11-22) 3/26/12 2:09 PM web page 21 THE directly LEAD If a fencer’s safeguard is a as compact appropriately with ft of their right respective positions, and legs bent to the right kind measure, the left heel frequently can't support emerging from the ground. lots in order that most folk need to perform for a while ahead of with the ability to preserve it as close to the strip as indicated. For those humans, to maintain it down thoroughly will require a very good pressure at the major tendon of the left leg; otherwise they'd need to maintain their legs insufficiently bent—and no foilsman can have the funds for that.

Entrance subject (i-xvi):Front subject (i-xvi) 3/26/12 2:17 PM web page v To mother, who confirmed me how one can write my first paragraphs and pa, who taught me there aren't any shortcuts. And for Sifu Ted—thank you for all that I’ve discovered via JKD. entrance topic (i-xvi):Front subject (i-xvi) 3/26/12 2:17 PM web page vi Front topic (i-xvi):Front topic (i-xvi) 3/26/12 2:17 PM web page vii C O N T E N T S Acknowledgments ix Foreword by way of Shannon Lee Keasler xi Foreword by way of Ted Wong xiii creation 1 bankruptcy One: a quick heritage of heterosexual Punching 7 bankruptcy : Evolution of Jeet Kune Do’s directly Lead eleven bankruptcy 3: The Stance 23 bankruptcy 4: Mechanics of the immediately Lead fifty nine bankruptcy 5: Footwork ninety three bankruptcy Six: Why the instantly Lead?

A swinging punch needs to commute a better distance and takes extra time. as soon as you’re within the right stance, take into accout the series of stream and mechanics. while you are not able to accomplish those adequately, you'll sacrifice loads of velocity. have in mind whilst practicing—do no longer pass steps or gloss over mechanics. you can be programming your apprehensive approach incorrectly, and it takes even more time to deprogram your self than it does to get the strategy correct the 1st time round. move slowly. take some time to profit issues thoroughly, and this may repay.

Grombach wrote within the Saga of the Fist: whilst boxing did get back in England, it used to be brought by way of fencing-masters. therefore, the boxing stance was once made to approximate the fencing stance and to reliable impact. through that point, fencing had complex to the purpose the place the small sword or thrusting weapon was once most popular to the broadsword or sabre. using the directly thrust or lunge opposed to any facet sweep or lessen were built. the rules of advancing, backing out, a lot of our sleek boxing footwork, and our instantly punching got here from fencing.

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