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The Uncensored Bible: The Bawdy and Naughty Bits of the Good Book

By John Kaltner, Joel Kilpatrick

Strange yet actual Bible Facts

Did you know:

  • that King David swore like a sailor?
  • that the ebook of Ecclesiastes encourages ingesting, particularly beer?
  • that mandrakes have been the biblical identical of Viagra®?
  • that the legislations of Moses prescribes bikini waxing?
  • that Joseph's "coat of many colours" may need truly been a dress?
  • that Eve could have been created, now not from Adam's rib, yet from whatever a bit decrease down?

Discover all this, and extra, in The Uncensored Bible.

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Nine What was once Isaac Doing while Rebekah First observed Him? 10 Did God Hit Jacob less than the Belt? eleven Did King David Have a Potty Mouth? 12 Does the Bible Command Bikini Waxing? thirteen was once Jael a Dominatrix? 14 Did Jacob Use intercourse Toys? 15 Did King David Have Penis Envy? sixteen was once Joseph a Cross-Dresser? 17 Did Dinah Marry Her Rapist? 18 was once Lot a Sexually Abusive Father? 19 Did Ishmael Molest Isaac? 20 used to be Moses Suicidal? 21 Did Ruth and Boaz Have a Roll within the Hay on the Threshing ground? 22 Did Jacob Use old Viagra®? 23 have been Samson and Delilah into S&M?

Three. What used to be Eve’s Curse? 1. Genesis 3:8–13. 2. Genesis 3:14–15. three. Genesis 3:17–19. four. Genesis 3:16. five. See, for instance, Phyllis Trible, God and the Rhetoric of Sexuality (Philadelphia: fort, 1978), esp. 126–28. 6. Adrien Janis Bledstein, “Was Eve Cursed? ” Bible evaluate nine (1, February 1993): 42–45. 7. Genesis 4:17. eight. Carl Sagan, The Dragons of Eden: Speculations at the Evolution of Human Intelligence (New York: Random apartment, 1977), ninety two. nine. Genesis 4:7. four. used to be Cain Clinically Depressed? 1. Genesis four. 2. Mayer I. Gruber, “The Tragedy of Cain and Abel: A Case of Depression,” Jewish Quarterly overview seventy nine (1978): 89–97.

Elijah prompt that Baal used to be taking a visit or sound asleep or going to the lavatory. The final choice is an expression that comprises our observe. Its interpretation has additionally been debated, and “meditating” has been prompt for it. yet in mild of ways Elijah was once ridiculing the clergymen of Baal, it probably capacity “defecating” or “urinating. ” we love Rendsburg’s notion, although it has one major drawback: it doesn’t converse to the concept Isaac used to be comforted after his mother’s dying through marrying Rebekah.

Guess you didn’t be aware of this booklet got here with a brief recipe for domestic brew. ) Homan means that Qoheleth’s guide to throw bread at the water used to be an allusion to the beer-making strategy. His inspiration is going opposed to conventional interpretations. Many commentators imagine that “throwing your bread upon the water” is a decision to be beneficiant, simply because within the karmic circle of items your generosity could be rewarded sometime. a few extra-biblical legends make an analogous element, and a few seem to be linked to this passage.

There he met the manager jailer, who placed Joseph over all of the different prisoners. ultimately there has been Pharaoh, who, as pointed out, promoted Joseph to the number-two place in his executive. Jennings predictably sees a homoerotic aspect. He believes the repetition of this motif is a fashion of highlighting how appealing Joseph was once to different males. He writes, “Thus, it appears at each part of his occupation, Joseph is carried upon a wave of masculine hope. The final result of this wish is the designation of Joseph as one of those surrogate for the male, virtually as one of those spouse replacement.

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