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The World of Jesus: Making Sense of the People and Places of Jesus' Day

Renowned Moody Bible professor is helping you find the area Jesus lived in--the time among the outdated and New Testaments--in this pleasant, thorough consultant.

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Palestine got here less than Ptolemaic/Egyptian rule whilst Ptolemy I (known as Soter; r. 323–285 BC) invaded and simply captured Jerusalem as the Jews refused to struggle at the Sabbath. He reportedly deported 100,000 to Egypt, which partly bills for a wide Jewish inhabitants there. Ptolemy didn't strength Hellenistic rule and tradition on Palestine, permitting the Jews to stay based on their traditions. They have been loose to watch the legislation, and the excessive priest was once accountable for governing. Like so much old rulers, although, Ptolemy exploited conquered countries.

As a result of his skin’s reddish colour and his thick hair even at delivery, his mom and dad named the firstborn Esau; they named the opposite Jacob simply because he was once born greedy his brother’s heel. (“Jacob” appears like the Hebrew for “heel” or “deceiver. ”) Esau ultimately settled in a space with reddish soil southeast of the lifeless Sea. “Edom,” which appears like the Hebrew be aware (’admoni) for “red,” is also often called Seir (which capability “hairy”). Jacob manipulated his brother to renounce his birthright for a bowl of tasty stew and later tricked his elderly father into giving him the patriarchal blessing often granted to the firstborn.

Vespasian (AD 69–79) Vespasian got here to rule via army energy. whereas he was once confronting the Jewish rebel, the East’s legions and provinces declared their aid for him. He put his son Titus dependable there and back to Rome. Titus (AD 79–81) As a normal, Titus captured Jerusalem and destroyed the temple in advert 70. The four-month siege used to be horrendous. Titus crucified Jews day-by-day in sight of the defenders at the partitions, tortured prisoners, and offered others into slavery. in a while, it took 3 extra years to seize Masada.

Throughout the reign of King Ahasuerus (Greek: Xerxes), who governed from 486–465 BC, a tender and gorgeous Hebrew lady used to be selected as queen to interchange Vashti, who were faraway from her royal place for refusing the king’s command to seem earlier than him and his drunken officers at a ceremonial dinner. numerous years later, Esther’s cousin Mordecai came upon a plot to assassinate Ahasuerus. He instructed his niece; she trained the king, and the assassins have been hanged. the development was once recorded within the ancient documents, even though Mordecai was once no longer rewarded for what he had performed.

A 3rd delegation sought after Pompey to take away either males from the place of work of excessive priest. Pompey ordered the brothers to stop all hostilities and promised he might come to a decision after he had handled the Nabateans. Aristobulus made up our minds that Pompey could most likely desire his brother, so he lower back and commenced fortifying Jerusalem. whilst Pompey figured out he was once getting ready for conflict, he marched on Jerusalem rather than Nabatea. He attempted, unsuccessfully, to barter with Aristobulus, after which positioned the town less than siege.

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