Whittaker Chambers: A Biography

By Sam Tanenhaus

Essentially often called the accuser of Alger Hiss, Whittaker Chambers used to be a commanding, complicated determine who used to be heart degree in the course of some of the public occasions of his time, but remained intensely deepest. This ebook covers Chambers' own existence, in addition to his emergence as a dominant voice within the postwar ant-Communist stream. sixteen pp. of photographs. 640 pp. Print advertisements. writer journey. 35,000 print.

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The dialog became to the “mysterious guy” who “had damaged with the GPU. ” Chambers used to be no longer pointed out by way of identify, however it used to be visible to the reporters, as they exchanged notes, that either had spoken with a similar guy. Solow swiftly despatched a message, through Schapiro, to Chambers, lest something get “gummed up among us because of Lore. ”16 Chambers, gaining self assurance in Solow, paid one other name on him within the final week of October, using up from Baltimore to Solow’s new deal with, on Joralemon highway in Brooklyn Heights.

In July road scuffling with broke out among Nazis and Communists in Berlin. Die Rote Fahne “advocated killing each 5th Fascist”: Time Capsule/1923: A historical past of the yr Condensed from the Pages of Time (Time Inc. , 1967), p. ninety. 10. CF, p. one hundred forty; Schapiro interview, Feb. 6, 1990. eleven. “Personal History,” p. 167. Holland-America to Zolinsky, Aug. 24, 1923; Schapiro interview; WC to MVD, Aug. 30, 1923 (HISS). 12. Ghosts, p. fifty four; CF, p. 240. thirteen. WC to Van Doren, Aug. 30, 1923 (HISS). 14. Holland-America to Zolinsky, Aug. 24, 1923.

Scientific document, Dr. E. W. Bridgman, Apr. 12, 1943 (ZELIGS). forty four. “Writing e-book reports for [WC] is a true excitement, acknowledged Kees” yet Kees used to be among the younger writers pushed aside in a “purge” in September 1943. “I have watched [WC] … in operation,” Kees later remarked, “and it's not a beautiful sight”: Kees, Letters, pp. 79–84. Moss, allow pass “in a really friendly way,” used to be astonished whilst WC, who slightly knew him, provided to “get me a task in a protection plant close to his Maryland farm” and in addition invited him to spend weekends at WC’s farm, writing.

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12; phone/trim: WFB, “The finish. ” 27. “Weariness”: O, p. 291; “don’t care”: writer interview with Zolan, Nov. thirteen, 1994. 28. “Quiet”: WFB, “The finish. ” 29. WC’s loss of life: Zeligs interviews with Dr. Wilkens, John E. Meyers (undertaker), either may possibly eight, 1962 (ZELIGS). Bookcase: writer interview with Robert Doriss, Nov. 26, 1991; pix: James Burnham to Koestler, July 23, 1965 (KOESTLER). 30. Made public: See, e. g. , NYT obit, July 12, 1961; “misunderstood”: “On Whittaker Chambers,” feedback via Duncan Norton-Taylor, Ralph de Toledano, and Arthur Koestler, NR (July 29, 1961).

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